Thursday, June 3, 2010

What would Jesus do? Shake his head and roll his eyes.

I don't like the idea of religion being front and center in everyday life; that was one of the things that drove me nuts during the 10 months I lived in Utah. I wasn't kidding in my book when I talked about the black plastic blocks covering the Cosmopolitan magazines in the grocery store so shoppers wouldn't be exposed to such amorality. Having people try to impose their beliefs on others strikes me as just plain weird. That's probably why I love the Jews so much--they believe they're the chosen ones and aren't looking to add to their club, so they mind their own business and leave you alone. Cool.

Spending time in the Bible Belt last week was a real eye-opener for me. Elvis may be everywhere in Memphis, but through other areas of the South, it's Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I wish I was able to snap a picture of a billboard we passed outside Clinton, Oklahoma, but by the time I read it all, it was too late.

It said,
"Are you lonely? I'm lonely. Let's talk. You first. Your friend, Jesus."
I imagine Jesus going, "WTF? I am so not that corny! And who said I'm lonely?"

If you ask me, people project some nutty crap onto Jesus, not the least of which is the mounds of anti-gay sentiment. I happen to believe that Jesus is totally all-loving (though he might not be too happy about that billboard). I also believe he has a sense of humor and will not strike my sister Lori dead for this pose at the last supper. (Taken when we stopped at the largest cross in the northern hemisphere outside Amarillo.)

We'll see...


Thesauros said...

"Having people try to impose their beliefs on others"

Ya, because Cosmo isn't trying to push any particular world-view . . . that doesn't have to do with better orgasms. Because of magazines like Cosmo, many stupid women believe that all there is to love is sexual technique. And you want to make sure that young women are exposed to that?

Anonymous said...

He won't hurt your sister.

Anonymous said...

Push religion on others- hmmmm what about covering magazine is religion- it is plain decency. But then there are some that say tolerance well way I see it is if you are tolerant of them- they don't have to be tolerant of you. Something wrong with that picture. Everyone has something they believe- even atheist. They are humanist- that is a religion- no true neutral. This is America, freedom of choice. You want to look at Cosmo- find- don't expect others to or their children.