Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm not nagging, I'm motivating!

You know how I love to nag you about reaching your goals. What? You don’t have any goals? Then it’s time to do a little soul searching.

How can you possibly get what you want when you don’t know what it is that you want? Maybe you have a vague idea—in that case, drill down! Imagine if you went to a deli and said, “I’d like some meat.” The clerk would probably look at you like you were crazy and then move on to the next customer.  You have to drill down and come up with something more specific, like a half pound of roast beef or a quarter pound of turkey. 

I think the universe works in the same way. The universe can’t send you the people and tools to help you achieve your goals when you don’t know what they are. So in the meantime, you get nothing.  And then once you know what you want, all you have to do is take the steps to get it.  And the universe will support you.

Is it really as simple as that? Pretty much.

It’s been a twinkle in my eye to get some essays on an NPR station for some time now. Last winter I sent an email to a contact at KNPR in Las Vegas pitching the idea, but never heard back and I never followed up. Then I thought about approaching WAMC here in Albany, but that’s about all I did. I thought about it. For literally a couple of months.

Thinking about stuff is great, but it doesn’t make things happen. So one day I picked up the phone and called the station. The woman who answered connected me to Sarah LaDuke, who hosts the morning show. Sarah was open to the idea and asked me to send a few essays. I did. A week later, I followed up and left a message on her voicemail. Within minutes, I received an email asking when I could come into the studio. A week later, the three essays I submitted are recorded and ready to go.

That was pretty simple.

I know you have a goal that’s been simmering for a while. Take that first step today. Right now!

I'll end this post with a snippet of an actual conversation I had last night with my friend Joan, whom we stayed with in New Mexico while on our cross-country trip. Joan had a problem she wanted to run by me.
Joan:  "Thanks for listening, Linda.  I have a good idea what to do now."
Me:  "I hope that works for you, but I don't know why you ask me for advice.  I'm the most messed up person on earth."
Joan:  "Well, you can see how desperate I am."

Now get off your ass. Go make a call.


Julie said...

So, you know my friend Penny who I've told you about (She's Dr. Penny in my comments), I have sworn since the day I met you that you two are even more alike than you and me. I gave her your book and she loved it and agrees with me. She is all about the Universe etc and I just sent her this link. I have got to get the three of us together. Although the nonstop laughter might kill us all.

Josie said...

Linda you continue to inspire me. You really do.

May I suggest a new goal for you?

I think you would be GREAT giving seminars on just this Tony Robbins, but cute and in heels. Seriously, you have such a voice and a good'd be a total success and I'd be taking that seminar.

....thank you for this post. It's got me thinking again.

Mimi said...

Good for you, Linda.
And you're right, you have to get off your butt and make things happen for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, Linda!

Reminds me of the old saying:

Those who can - do.
Those who can't - teach.
Those who don't have a clue - become a "Corporate Trainer!"

Bwa ha ha ha!