The "official story":
Linda Lou is baby-boomer comedian, author, and humorous public speaker who has performed on stages and spoken to groups nationwide. Her observational humor ranges from corporate and family-friendly to adults only. Linda Lou is also skilled emcee/host with a keen sense of timing.

A corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience, Linda Lou is a consummate professional. In addition to performing stand-up comedy, she speaks regularly about writing and topics relating to business and self-empowerment.


And now for information in my own words...  


What the audience can expect

For comedy gigs, audience members can expect to laugh--A LOT!  I have a ton of female-centric and baby boomer material, but can tailor my performance to any type of audience.

For speaking gigs, they can expect to laugh and be inspired.  My goal is for everyone to leave feeling good about themselves and like they've made a new best friend.

What my clients can expect

My clients can expect utmost professionalism. Before the appearance, I communicate regularly to ensure I will provide the type of services you want. I show up early and am gracious to everyone I meet. I make sure that the content and tone of my comedy/speaking topic is always appropriate for the identified audience.

Need a comedian, humorous speaker, or emcee for your group or event?  I have spoken on the following topics and more:

  • Creating the life you love
  • Being the best you can be--for yourself, and your customers
  • Invisible no more! How to get noticed at any age
  • How to project self-confidence
  • Starting over after divorce
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Public speaking for people who would rather die

Need an experienced writer to speak to your writers group or conference?  I have spoken extensively on topics related to writing and building your author's platform:

  • Out of your shell and into the limelight: public speaking for timid authors
  • Getting the most out of a writer’s conference
  • Working with a writing coach
  • Technical writing: a career builder and money maker for creative writers
  • Blogging as a way to build your author’s platform
  • Your life on the page: the art of memoir writing
  • What a writers’ group can do for you
  • Are you ready to query agents?
  • Write tight! Ten steps to better writing

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