Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recording some essays for public radio today

A few weeks ago I approached WAMC Northeast Public Radio here in Albany to see if they'd be interested in some humorous essays I've written. They asked be to submit a few and then last week I got an email saying they'd like me to come in to record.

Radio doesn't scare me. (High-def TV is another story.) I had a radio show for three years on WRPI and was one of the first female announcers on WPLT back in my college days in Plattsburgh, NY. But last night as I was running through my stuff, I kept messing up. I swear, I couldn't read more than a sentence without flubbing the words. Plus I know I have a slight lisp--I'll never forget the day an acting teacher suggested speech therapy, which I never did. Please, if I'm going for therapy, don't you think my speech would be the least of it? The bottom line is, pray I'll be working with a patient engineer today. Maybe I should suggest we make a video of the outtakes; it would probably be as long as Gone With the Wind. [Red blotches now forming on my neck...]

I don't know what they have in mind--how much they want me to record or when they'd like to air my pieces. I'm just going to show up and try my best. No pressure, but this would be great exposure for my writing. David Sedaris got his start on public radio!

I am so hoping this goes well. I'll let you know tomorrow.


R. Jacob said...

I continue to be amazed on the extent of the many talents you possess.

Fragrant Liar said...

This is excellent! Congrats! I mean, really. What an honor. Good luck, and I know you'll be fine.

evf said...

Wonderful, Linda! I'm a public radio junkie and get jump-up-and-down-excited when I "know" a writer featured on a show. Though I won't be able to hear this one on my radio, I'm still rootin' for you ;)