Saturday, August 14, 2010

You know you're having fun when you need to return to the healthy lifestyle of Las Vegas

I’m beginning to plot my way back to Las Vegas. Purgefest 2010 and my summer in Albany has been a resounding success, but it’s already the middle of August and I have to start planning for my return.

My first action item is to secure some sort of employment. I was lucky as hell to find and start a three-month technical writing gig here less than three weeks after my arrival, and even luckier that I have fun as hell coworkers and a boss I hardly ever see. I’m still getting calls and emails from recruiters looking for tech writers in this area—I wish the Vegas job market was as promising.

The ultimate situation would be to continue to write for this company virtually, which I’m definitely going to look into. In the meantime, I have my resume on Monster that highlights my training experience. If it’s not possible to continue with this company, I’d love to get a nice contact training gig. I really am a kick-ass (and fun) trainer and I find training so much more rewarding than technical writing. I’m also able to travel as much as needed, so that should be a selling point. I can work anywhere in the country as long as they’ll fly me back to Vegas on the weekends. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I had lunch the other day with one of my former co-trainers from Fleet Bank. We had such a blast working together—it was great to see him. Stephen is seven feet tall, and I’m telling you it was a real eye-opener to see how people bugged him about his height. No matter where he goes—restaurants, airport security, even just on the street—people stop and ask how tall he is. I mean sometimes literally every two minutes. They usually try to guess how tall he is and then they ask if he’s ever played basketball. (He has.)

Stephen is pretty damn polite, considering he can’t do a simple errand without someone in his face. Seriously, would you ever stop a heavy person and go, “OMG, I can’t believe how fat you are! Wow! How much do you weigh? Like four hundred pounds? Five hundred?”

Speaking of weight, one of the reasons I’m looking forward to getting back to Vegas is I need to get in some exercise routine. Mike likes to hike and go for long walks in the neighborhood, and he doesn’t drink so he’s not a bad influence like my Albany peeps (ha). It’s been party, party, party all the time here! Can you believe I need to go to Vegas for a healthy lifestyle?

Last night I saw Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys at Club Helsinki in Hudson, NY.

Great band—I’ve seen them several times in New Orleans—and the new Club Helsinki venue is fantastic. Yup, party, party…


R. Jacob said...

I am so loving your book!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I loved how it all worked out for you. I know it's going to work out once again when you head back to Vegas. How's the grandkids doing? I'm sure the little one is getting so big!

Jazzy Cazy said...

Yaaay I'm happy you're moving back to Vegas - indeed you need to get back to your healthy lifestyle!!


Jazzy Cazy said...

Yaaay I'm happy you're going back to Vegas, as you say, you need to get back into your healthy lifestyle!


Mellodee said...

"Can you believe I need to go to Vegas for a healthy lifestyle?"

Good One!

I Hate to Weight said...

sounds like you had a terrific summer. party, party, party!

i hope you get a great training gig and all the tech writing jobs you want in Vegas.

party on.