Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bubble Girl responds!

I got a lot of thought-provoking comments on my last post, It's not easy being clean, that I simply must respond to.  Here goes:


Spero Alexio says:  "How about if someone gives you a dirty look?"
-- I figure surely it was meant for someone in my general direction, not me.

SA continues:  "How about having a boyfriend who won't clean up his act?"
-- Been there, done that.  They're long gone.  See my response to DuggleBogey below.


Ray Denzel says:  "hmm, loons in a cute way!"
-- Ray, cute is what I'm all about.  You should see my shoe collection.

Angela Perry says: "I go into a meltdown when people put bread directly on the counter to make a sandwich. You and Neil are not loons, you are the norm. :)"
-- Angela, I can only wish we were the norm. Unfortunately, we are rare birds people. Keep smiling!

Dawn says:  "When ever the grandkids come over and bring there ipads, I promptly wipe them down because, I can't stand the millions of finger prints all over."
-- If I were queen, Dawn, every kid would be wiped down several times a day; they're walking balls of germs that leave fingerprints on everything. Wait, were you talking about the iPads?


Mike Dennis says:  "Funny post, Linda. Especially the part about the hand towel vs dish towel."
-- Um, that post was totally serious.  What the hell is so funny about wiping slimy old bacon grease from your hands and then using the same towel to dry a pan that you just cooked bacon in?.

MD continues:  "Given the fact that you take great care to avoid germs on hand towels, napkins, food counters, etc, and that most people (myself included) do not take anywhere near that degree of care, why are the rest of us not paying any real consequences?  In other words, we're all presumably risking our health by these less-than-sanitary practices, and yet we live to tell about it. Why is that?"
--  Well, Mike, you're about my age, and I can tell you right now that in 50 years you, in fact, will be dead.  Yup, it will all catch up with you. Who's gonna be wishing he hadn't dried the dishes with a hand towel then? Huh?


Tara Crowley says:  "The things that I adhere to are: bathroom sponges are for bathroom ONLY, dish towels are for dishes ONLY ,and...I think that's it. I even share lip balm (yuck)."
--  I was with you until the lip balm.  God help you.


Meliss says: "i'm sort of the opposite of a germaphobe. i think all the germs build immunities. not that i invite them, but i just don't really pay attention. bread and cookies on counters and tables don't bother me."
-- Meliss, I beg of you, get some help.  And P.S try using the Shift key once in a while.

Meliss continues:  "i am grossed out, however, when people blow their noses and put the tissue on the table. or take food out of their mouths and put it on their plates. olive pits aren't a fave either."
-- maybe there's hope for you after all...

Julie says:  "I don't even think about half that stuff. I unwrap my silverware and set it down on the table, I admit it. It has never dawned on me to worry that someone who cooked a potluck dish in their own kitchen may have petted their dog."
-- I love you, but if you invite me to your house, I guarantee I'll stop at a drive-thru on the way over.  Because I'm sure that anyone working in the kitchen at McDonald's got that job because they passed a comprehensive hygiene test.

Julie continues:  "Don't you worry about whether the guy in the back room has sneezed over your food? Or picked his nose and then handled your burger? Eating out isn't all that different than a potluck!"
-- See my response above.

Coach says:  " :) "
-- I could say, WTF is that supposed to mean?  But I'll take it that you're smiling because finally somebody said something that made an iota of sense. Finally someone is standing up for germaphobes everywhere shouting, "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore! The next time you put your silverware right on the filthy table that was just wiped down with the disgusting all-purpose rag, don't be surprised if we stand up and knock your filthy friggin' table over all dramatically like we're in last scene in an episode of Guiding Light."  That's what you meant, right, Coach?


Mimi says: "'creating our sterile eating field'...yup, that's me too and I thought I was the only one in the world!"
-- Thankfully, Mimi, there's at least three of us. 


DuggleBogey says:  "Did the guy who ate the cookie live to tell the tale?  If so, you have your answer..."
-- Yes, my old boyfriend who placed a cookie on a filthy patio table that birds walk all over did, in fact, live to tell the tale. And he tells it often.  And he's Irish, so every time he tells it, it gets a little more colorful.  But guess what?  He also had to have his hip replaced. Who's the one who had to spend a two days in the hospital?  Huh?  Not me!  Draw your own conclusions, DuggleBogey.


Ray Denzel said...

I am on the way!

Sheri said...

To each his own. But beware of the germaphobe hippocrite . You know, the guy who bathes himself in hand sanatizer yet releases the silent but deadly in front of you, bathing you in noxious gasses that could kill an elephant.

lightning36 said...

I was certainly reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry dropped his girlfriend's toothbrush in the toilet. I could just see you throwing away every belonging you own!

Manju Modiyani said...

Hello Linda. I am your new follower and you have a lovely space. Do visit my blogs in your spare time. Thanks :)