Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More on my MySpace friends

Two of my MySpace friends are going through a hard time. I know them only virtually and by first name, but the compassion I feel for them is real.

Vince (The Groove Merchant), a DJ in Pierz, Minnesota (wherever that is), posted a bulletin a couple of days ago with the headline “A Sad Day for the Groove Merchant” informing his MySpace friends that he’s getting divorced. Having been there twice myself, I sent him an email offering words of encouragement. The title of today’s bulletin was “A Very Heartfelt Thank-You.”

My MySpace friend Shanan is a 38-year-old Las Vegas native who now lives in Golden, Colorado. I accepted her friend request several weeks ago, and not long after I noticed she posted a bulletin asking for prayers for her ex-husband, who was suffering with cancer. My heart ached to read it; I can’t bear to think of the sadness I’d feel if either of my beloved exes were seriously ill. I sent her a quick message saying I’m sending positive vibes and she replied with a note of appreciation.

Last Thursday Shanan posted a bulletin, “In My Sad Time…” Her MySpace site was flooded with comments expressing condolences.

Whether we've met each other in the flesh or not, we’re all in this together. My joy is your joy; your heartbreak is my heartbreak. Take care, my friends.

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