Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The end of the Bell's Palsy Chronicles

Thankfully, this Bell's Palsy ordeal is just about behind me. Last week was tough. I signed up to volunteer at The World Series of Comedy, put on by my buddy Joe Lowers, but it was all I could do to sit through the afternoon workshops; there was no way I could attend the evening events. I felt fine while resting at home and just hanging out with Mike, but being out in circulation drained me.  I've discovered I must use pretty animated expressions when I talk, because when conversing with people I kept feeling this pulling sensation on the dead side of my face, like it was struggling to keep up with the good side.  And it was tiring me out.

I was really getting bummed--I'm a social being!--and I was like, am I ever going to be able to socialize properly again?  Saturday was the first day I felt like my old young self, and I've been pretty good ever since. 

Bell's Palsy is a weird experience, all right.  Yesterday I went to a chiropractor who said it was caused by inflammation, which is the result of my shitty diet.  I really liked the guy, though. He wasn't judgmental and he was very good about the look I shot him when he suggested I learn to cook with spices. HA-ha-ha!!!  Why don't I buy a friggin' juicer while I'm at it?

Look, I would give anything (not really) to be able to say, "Wow, that salad was delicious!" or "I could totally eat beans at every meal," but the truth is, I hate that shit. Corn is tasty, but that's bad for you.  I do like spinach and broccoli, but guess what?  I'm not supposed to eat broccoli because of the hypothyroid condition I've have for like 20 years and I don't know what's wrong with spinach, but that's on the Don't Eat list, too.  Eff moi.  I will, however, exercise till the cows come home, so that should count for something.

Anyway, he did say one thing that got my attention: Corn oil and soybean oil are to cancer what fertilizer is to crabgrass. That will get me checking the labels. So there goes my mayonnaise, but the last time I looked, there's none of that in Guinness.  God bless us.

Hey, here's another video I posted on Facebook last night.  This will probably be the end of the Bell's Palsy Chronicles, though I still have a little way to go before my eye is back to normal. 

Don't think I'm special--there are a ton of Bell's Palsy videos on YouTube.  And man, when I see some of them, I think how lucky I am that I had such a mild case.

Thanks so much for your support throughout.  I'm a very lucky gal!


raydenzel1 said...

finally, now I feel better!

Taradharma said...

it's always the inflammation! Everything is the inflammation! I get that from my acupuncturist, too. Lots of good anti-inflam foods out there, but I agree with you ... you gotta live, too!

Lucki Duck said...

You kinda have that Marty Feldman thing goin' when you roll your eyes :)

Glad your headed in the right direction.

lightning36 said...

Not so much winking, but that is okay ...

lol @ Lucki Duck's comment!

Memphis MOJO said...

Good news. Glad it wasn't any worse than what it was.

Mimi said...

Why do they never tell you that say chocolate is really good for you? Or ice-cream? Or wine? Though Guinness is of course good for you, the ad says so! (that's prob used to say so, I doubt you are allowed to advertise like that nowadays!).
Linda, i'm thrilled you're on the mend, looks like no fun at all that Bell's Palsy.
Buy a juicer? Arrrrghh!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ Tara: I get the feeling that inflammation is the root of all body evil. Something to look into.

@ Lucki Duck: Well, God knows there's nothing sexier than a chick who reminds you of Marty Feldman! (I actually saw that myself--it was in my video outtakes.)

@ Mimi: Yes, Guinness is good for you! And definitely let's forget the juicer.

@ Ray, lightning and Memphis: Thank you! XOXO