Saturday, October 6, 2012

Will this birthday ever end?

I'm flying up to Idaho today and I'm gonna freeze my ass off! We're enjoying Vegas' weather "sweet spot" right now--highs in the 80s, overnight lows in the 60s--and oh, it is glorious! I forget that it's starting to get cold in much of the country, since after all it is fall. Here are a couple of photos I took the other day on my what should be, but isn't really daily walk.

Man, I love living here!

Boise is going to be in the 60s during the day and 30s at night. Brrrr! But I don't care--I'll be there to celebrate my birthday with Mom and Stepdaddy. (I know what you're thinking--will this friggin' birthday ever end?) Also, as I mentioned the other day, quite coincidentally my comedy coach Michael Wheels Parise has a gig up there this weekend and I'm going to do a short set as well, so that will be fun.

Um, let me just bring up my birthday again. Mike took me to the buffet at the Wynn--delicious!  It's on the pricey side, but it's definitely worth it.  Here I am on our way out, about 10 pounds heavier than when we came in.

Of course, I had no willpower when it came to the desserts.

I absolutely love the colors in the Wynn. I'm really affected by bright colors, and just walking around that place makes me happy.

After we ate, we walked over to the Encore, another Wynn property.  I'd never been in there before.  My verdict: Meh.

One of my Facebook friends told me those gaudy chandeliers cost $10,000 each. I could clothe my entire family at Ross for that for the next three decades. How can the Wynn can be so beautiful and the Encore be so... whatever?

Later on, Mike took me shopping. What a guy!

Yeah, I really need to lay off the carbs. Not this week, though.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


LL Cool Joe said...

I might try out the Wynn the next time we are in Vegas then. Looks really cool.

Lori Biker said...

Have a blast with Dee Dee and Step Daddy in Boise!! Have fun tonight too!! Wish I was there!!!

lightning36 said...

I was told that Encore was designed -- including red color scheme -- for the affluent overseas Asian population who drop big bucks in Las Vegas. Don't know if that is true though.

Birthday plans for November? : o P

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ LL Cool Joe: The Wynn is beautiful--I highly recommend! While you're there, check out the Parasol Bar (or something like that) outside on the water. Great place.

@ Lori Biker: I wish you were coming, too!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ lightning36: Ha! November? That's our anniversary month... Makes sense about Encore's Asian allure. Does nothing for me, though.

Taradharma said...

I hear that freezing one's ass off is an effective weight loss method - so forget about those 10 lbs you put on at the Wynn!

Have a great celebration, darling, and a fun gig with your mentor!

raydenzel1 said...

shopping for beer? I love it!!

Tender Heart Bear said...

Here in Wisconsin it is in the high 50s and low 30s. Yes I am freezing here. But the with the trees turning their colors it is worth the cold weather. I hope you enjoy your time with mom and stepdaddy when you go there.

Bar L. said...

You are entitled to eat and drink whatever you want for the three week birthday period :)

Have fun in Boise!