Saturday, January 16, 2010

5 things I’m looking forward to (and this just gets me through January!)

I know we’re supposed to live in the present moment, but I also like to look forward to stuff. Planning for the future brings me joy in the present—is it okay to frame it like that? Let me tell you about some of the things I’m looking forward to right now, and this just gets me through the rest of the month.

1. Tonight: Mike and I are seeing comedian Robert Schimmel at the Riveria (!). The promo says, “He had a heart attack, got cancer, had his television series cancelled before it began, met his soul mate, lost his wife when she found out about the soul mate, got divorced, lost a house, got remarried... though not necessarily in that order.” Sounds good to me; I've never seen him live. Before the show, we’re going to catch a band at the Sand Dollar called Koolpop and the Groove Masters. I don’t think I’ve seen them before, either, but their poster says they play blues, funk, soul, and Motown, so how can we go wrong? Kudos to the Sand Dollar for starting the live music at 7:30!

2. Tomorrow night: I’ve been looking forward to The Golden Globes (oh, how I love red carpet season!) and with my hero Ricky Gervais as the host, well, I’m just beside myself. But I’ll have to record the show because tomorrow night I’m going out with my dear friend Paul. For those of you who’ve read my book, he’s the Vietnam vet who picked me up for our first date not with flowers in hand, but a pamphlet detailing his chronic mental illness. Paul moved to Thailand several years ago and I haven’t seen him in quite a while, so I’m really looking forward to reconnecting. If you haven’t read my book (and why haven’t you???), you can read about Paul in this Veteran’s Day blog post.

3. This coming week: This week I hope to catch both the Henderson Writers Group’s weekly meeting on Monday and the Las Vegas Writers Group meeting on Thursday. The HWG is a 100-member critique group and sponsor of the annual Las Vegas Writers Conference held every April. The LVWG and has a speaker each month and is a great forum for networking with other writers. If you’re a writer in the Las Vegas valley, why not check these out? Don’t be shy or intimated—these groups are open to writers of all levels of experience. Shoot me an email at if you have any questions about these groups or want more info about the conference.

4. Next Saturday night: Harpzilla 2010 at King Tut’s, sponsored by the Las Vegas Blues Society. Mike and I went to this last year and my sister Lori was also town, so you know we had a good old time drinkin’ beer and shootin’ pool and enjoying kick-ass harmonica-power blues. The music goes from 9 p.m. to 3 p.m. and trust me, this is going to be a freakin’ blast. If you live here in Vegas, you won’t want to miss it.

5. January 27 and 29: previews of MY SHOW!!! Holy crap, it’s becoming a reality. I met with Joe Lowers last night; we’ve set these two preview dates and the show will officially open February 17. It’s going to run Wednesday through Saturday at 7:00 at the Alexis Park Resort on Harmon, across from the Hard Rock. They have a great showroom and I’m incredibly psyched to have this opportunity. More details to come as we get closer to the date.

I shouldn’t even think beyond the end of the month right now, but I have so many other things to look forward to, especially in mid-April when that new grandbaby’s due to arrive. (That sounds so sexy, huh?)

Courtney and John have decided they’d rather not know the answer to the girl-or-boy question until it gets here, and they’re not sharing the names they’ve picked out, either. Makes it all the more exciting!

Here she is at Christmas, eating for two. (She'll probably kill me for posting that!)

How about you? What are you looking forward to?

Did you know the sex of your baby beforehand, or was it a surprise?

Have a great weekend!


Mike Dennis said...

Linda, while you're at the Sand Dollar, see if KoolPop and the Groove Masters know the Ray Sharpe classic, "Linda Lou".

See you Thursday at the LV Writers Group. (Saxby's is too far away)

I Hate to Weight said...

once again, i am very disappointed that i live in jersey. i want to go to the las vegas writers group!

i did, however, give myself the biggest treat. i'm going to a three day writer's retreat in charleston, south carolina this may. Natalie Goldberg, who wrote one of my favorite books on writing, leads the workshop.

the setting and the housing sound beautiful. it's in walking distance of all the shops and restaurants. i took an EXTRA day to just walk around

i've never done anything like this for myself. i'm excited -- i can't tell you.

Love Robert Shimmel. hope you have an amazing time with lots and lots of laughs.

this was a great post. how often we forget the good stuff!!!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ I Hate to Weight: Natalie Goldberg?! I'm so jealous--that sounds fantastic! Good for you--you have to indulge yourself sometimes. Looking forward to hearing the details about that!

@ Mike: See you Thursday--should be a great meeting!

Fragrant Liar said...

Nice list! You're going to be VERY busy in January.

I didn't know the sexes of my four babies until each was born, but the ultrasound for the last one indicated girl. Back then, back in the Dark Ages, ultrasounds were all guesswork.

I'm looking forward to writing this book I've had on hold for awhile and now seem to have unending momentum, plus upcoming Donald Maass conference in Oregon, plus a few trips to Phoenix and Orlando areas. Plus . . . life in general. It's all good.

Rochelle said...

Your show is coming up so fast - how exciting - wish I lived closer.

I'm looking forward to going to visit my BFF in La-la-Land soon - nuthin' but eatin', drinkin, talkin' and eatin' some more!

classicrockforthesoul said...

Not gonna lie, I'm a smidge jealous of your life.
Okay, I'm really jealous of your life.

You've got so much exciting stuff to look forward to!!!!! I'm happy for ya :)

Julie said...

Oooh, can't wait to hear how you liked Schimmel. The ex and I saw him a few years ago and loved him. He autographed his CD for us.

Definitely can't wait to hear how seeing Paul again goes!

How long to you expect the one woman show to run? I have to make plans for my next Vegas trip!

I didn't know the sex of my baby, back in those days 19 years ago they only did ultrasounds to check for potential problems so I didn't even have one until the week *after* my due date, and that was to check and make sure he had sufficient amniotic fluid to float around in, in there. At that point I sure as hell wasn't ruining the surprise by finding out what I was having. Besides, I said all along from the second I found out I was pregnant that he was a boy so I really had no doubts.

Tara said...

I wanted to and found out each time. Turns out my body can only churn out boys.... That's a good thing because NOBODY wants a little me running around....

Sounds like you've got some pretty awesome stuff going on girl!! :)

gayle said...

When I was pg with my two girls it wasn't even possible to know the sex but if it was I would have found that I am older and wiser...I think I would let it be a surprise!!

Looking forward to ...not sure!