Monday, January 18, 2010

A timely repost from last year

Original post date: 1/22/09. This story just never gets old...

"From the mouth of a babe"

This is one of my favorite pictures of my kids. Look at Courtney—she’s a pretty girl, huh?

Yeah. Courtney is one of those beautiful girls who kind of doesn’t have a clue in everyday life. Like have you ever seen Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” segment? Or remember how Howard Stern used to quiz those supermodels?
Howard: “At what temperature does water freeze?”
Supermodel: “You mean legally?”
You get the picture.

You know those little Japanese carts that you see people being pulled along in? Courtney got on one at a music festival in Albany, the side of which read, “” At the end of the ride, the guy gave her his business card.
Courtney (looking at the card, perplexed): “Who is this?”
The guy: “That’s me.”
Courtney: “Well, then… who is Rick Shaw?”
Oh, so that’s why she kept calling him “Rick.”

Not that I’m saying Courtney is the least bit stupid. She’s a freakin’ savant when it comes to music. A few years ago she picked up a guitar and within three months had a CD of songs she wrote herself. Just like that.

Here she is playing the guitar. And check out her MySpace—you’ll see I’m not kidding. She's a really talented songwriter.

Okay, so yesterday my friend Susan told me she had Courtney and her boyfriend over for dinner Sunday night. After dinner, expressing her relief over the federal holiday the next day, Courtney let out a long sigh and said,
“Thank GOD Martin Luther King was shot on a Monday.”

Now, one of the many beautiful things about my precious girl is that she can laugh at herself. So when I talked to her last night, we cracked up together about her inane comment.
Me: “Oh, Court, you’re too funny.”
Courtney: “I know. I forgot they moved the holiday to a Monday.”
Me: “Yeah, and it’s his birthday.”
Silence, then
“Oh my God! Martin Luther King was shot on his BIRTHDAY?”
Isn’t she adorable? Kids say the darnedest things…


I Hate to Weight said...

i just bought your book thru amazon. can't wait to read it. i have a lot of business travel coming up -- it's the best thing to have a great book.

i love that you were a book club's selection. and the first one!!! WOW!!!!

your daughter sounds like a wonderful, honest person. bet she's a joy to be around.

my own mind works a little differently than most peoples. i've been called "quirky", "unusual", "strange. " -- i just see things differently.

nothing wrong with it!

Linda Bacon said...

Love it! Your daughter sounds like she is from my planet. Are you sure we aren't related?

Debra Lynn Shelton said...

She is beyond adorable, just like her mom. I'm going right now to check out her music.

And, Happy New Year to you, Linda! Hope to see you again in Philly one of these days. ;-)

(BTW: You have exactly 100 followers! Don't you love those nice, round numbers?)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ I Hate to Weight: THANK YOU for buying my book! A lot of people have told me it's a great read for a plane ride. I hope you like it!

@ Linda: Albany, Small-bany--for all we know we could be related!

@ Debbie: Thanks! I'll certainly look you up again next time I'm in PA. But maybe you'd like to come to Vegas?

Tana said...

I love that! How innocent and cute she is. Plus the entertainment factor doesn't hurt either, right? ;)

Bar L. said...

She is ADORABLE and I got a laugh last year and this year...too cute. She looks a lot like her gorgeous mother.

Julie D said...

OMG, I love her. And I have to meet her one of these days....

gayle said...

She looks cute and sounds cute too!!