Sunday, January 17, 2010

My readers are hot!

These are the good looking girls of the Fat Bastard Book Club of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, who chose Bastard Husband: A Love Story as their first book club selection of 2010. I'm told it was the first book that everyone actually read (!), and I'm happy to report they gave it eight "thumbs up!"

One of the gals is from England; she asked if B.H. is available in the UK because she wants to recommend it to her sister's book club group. It sure is--Bastard Husband can be ordered through Amazon in all of the following countries: UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan.

Thanks, girls!

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Debbie said...

Hey Linda - Now you have 99 followers! Contragulations. Question ... HOW DID YOU GET SO MANY FOLLOWERS? I blog too ( and I ONLY HAVE 13 FOLLOWERS! And I think I'm pretty funny??? LOVE your blog by the way. You've done what I wanted to do but was too afraid to ... stand up.
check out my blog. I'll be back!