Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everything's a joke...

Wow.  Working again is kicking my ass.  I'm exhausted!  You know how it is when you start a new job--it takes a lot out of you.  I don't know whether I'm so tired from having to learn so much new stuff or from putting on my Mrs. Nice Girl front, smiling and nodding in all the right places and making pretend I'm an easygoing team player when in reality, well... you know.

All I can say is thank God tomorrow's a holiday and then I have five days of work and then the week after will be a short one because of Thanksgiving.  Yup, I'm back to living from one day off to the next.  What a worker this one is...

So last Sunday morning Mike and I went to IHOP for breakfast (because I'm friggin' worth it).  I was the only one who ordered coffee and our waitress--let's call her "Juanita"--set down this bowl of creamers in front of me.

"Oh, that's not going to be nearly enough," I told her, because yes, everything is a joke to me.

She returned a minute later with this.

I'm not exactly sure whether or not she knew I was kidding, but either way, that made my day.

Speaking of everything's a friggin' joke to me, I bought these Sponge Bob pajamas in Ross the other night when I was supposed to be shopping for work clothes.  I know--as if I'm not sexy enough!

I like to keep Mike's kids wondering about me, like what kind of a whack job got involved with their father, anyway?  The 6-year-old loved them.
Her:  "I have Sponge Bob pajamas, too, Linda."
Me:  "They're pretty cool, huh?"
Her:  "Yeah, and someday I'll have two Sponge Bob pajamas."
Me:  "You will?"
Her:  "Yeah, you know.  I can have yours when you're duh-duh-duh..."
Me:  "DEAD???"
Her:  "Yeah."

Hope you have tomorrow off, too!  Don't forget to hug a vet!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! Apparently, Juanita had a sense of humor, too! That was great! Did you tell the 6 year old that you're not giving up those pajamas none too soon??

R. Jacob said...

Things are looking up. Now I get to see you in pj's!

kkerin said...

I've never felt more stupid than when I start a new job! Seems like EVERYTHING is so difficult! That passes quickly though and you'll be up and running. Maybe still tired, but tired AND confident!

Learn, Laugh, Cook said...

Hahahah, I love that freakin' creamer story and that you took photos of it too! So funny.

I'm missed you and blogging Linda! Good to see you again, even if it's in Sponge Bob pajamas.

-Mandy, from

The Vegas Flea said...

And the thing of it is, as soon as you left, the waitress was in the back complaining about the lady that ordered a hundred creamers, then didn't use any of them!! lol

Gina D. said...

OMG Linda, you freaking crack me up.

Debbie said...

Linda, when I first sent back to work after two years it took me WEEKS to get used to the new routine. I was exhausted all the time. It'll get better ...

Good Luck,