Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quick post -- new job is cool

I have to make this quick today.  First of all, thanks for all the comments on my last post.  I don't always get a chance to acknowledge them, but I really do appreciate every comment you leave.  Yeah, I know about the new Modern Warfare III release, but fortunately those games seem to be a thing of the past in this house.  THANK GOD!  I know the boys will get it, though, and no doubt there'll be a resurgence of violence in our living room, but at least in this house, I have a place to escape from it.

Well, I started my new job yesterday.  You know me, I'd much rather be home, but I think this gig will be cool.  I have a fantastic boss, which as you know, can make or break a job.  He lives in England, but is here in the States a lot, so I will be working with him quite a bit. 

I'm gonna make a generalization, but those Brits have a good sense of humor, which I appreciate.  Of course on my first day I had to ask him if he likes Ricky Gervais.  Fortunately, he said yes or I'm afraid I'd have to quit; I couldn't possibly work for someone who doesn't like Ricky.

The boss is a lot of fun and no matter what he says sounds a hundred times better because of his accent.  That was one thing I really missed when B.H. and I split up--I could have listened to him for hours.  Jeez, I am shallow.

Anyway, it looks like my first trip will be to Orlando in December.  But before then, I have TONS of stuff going on.  There are simply not enough hours in the day.

Sorry this is such a boring post.  To make it up to you, I shall leave you with some words from Betty White.



Bar L. said...

Betty is the Bomb.

diana said...

Happy to hear that your first impression of the job was good. Great luck to you!

Tender Heart Bear said...

I really hope you enjoy this job Linda. I know what you are talking about not enough hours in a day. I do need more of that for me.

Don't worry about Commenting back to me. I know you are very busy with your new job.