Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick update

Oh, dammit. I didn't get this post in when it was still Saturday. It's just after midnight as I'm writing this.

Today I was part of an authors' event at the Sahara West Library here in Las Vegas. I read a few passages from my book and talked about my experience writing a memoir. I absolutely love doing library presentations! I went through a period several years ago when I was vice president of the Henderson Writers' Group where I seemed to do those library events every time I turned around. Unfortunately, that was before my book was published; I could have sold a lot more books had it been ready by then. Since then there seems to have been a lot of cutbacks; many libraries are no longer open at night.

Forgive me for saying this again, but I am really proud of my book. People laughed out loud as I read from it today, and for some reason those laughs mean so much more to me than the laughs I get from my comedy. They seem much more authentic, I think because the material is my book is more authentic. Though there's a lot of reality in my comedy, to be sure.

I don't have any comedy dates scheduled right now. No doubt I'll do an open mic soon, but I don't want to schedule anything until I get a little more set with my work and associated travel obligations. Already I've had a change in travel plans; I was supposed to go to Santa Fe next Friday and come back on Monday, but that trip is now canceled. Of course, I already booked my flight. Using my own credit card. (No corporate cards.)

I hope this job works out. That's all I'll say right now. The universe unfolds in divine order, I keep reminding myself.

At any rate, the other aspects of life are spectacular. I'm in love, have new Sponge Bob pajamas, and I have A LOT to look forward to in the next few weeks. Like the people in AA, I'm taking one day at a time.


Mimi said...

Good for you, Linda! So glad you got a good reception at the reading. You're embarking on a new phase of your life, and one day at a time sounds a good way to deal with all the new!

Mandy said...

I bet that book readings are a fuel to the fire unlike anything else! So glad you had that experience Linda. I remember laughing out loud when I read your book too, at your raw honesty and outlook on life. No matter what life brings you, I'm sure you'll still have reason to laugh and write!

All the best,

p.s. - let me know what you think of my possible new book idea, whenever you get a moment. :)

Stephanie said...

Oh and it sounds like life is pretty damn good!! Yeah you:) PS my girls would be super jealous of the Sponge Bob pj's!

Tender Heart Bear said...

I am going to have to find your book and read it. It really sounds like a good book for me to read. If it is alright with you when I do read it if I can do a review of your book on my blog?

I am glad you are enjoying your new job!♥

norm said...


Have you heard anything on Hurricane Mikey?