Saturday, August 9, 2008

John Edwards: Oh, no he didn't!

Sorry about the cliché, but my heart sank when I saw the headline on AOL announcing that John Edwards had admitted to having an affair. How could he? To think of how he helps all those people connect with their dead relatives; he seems like such a nice guy.

Then I realized the adulterer was not John Edward, the popular medium and host of the Crossing Over show I used to be addicted to, but John Edwards—plural—the politician. Whew!

Another thing to be relieved about: I found the blueberry I dropped a couple of nights ago while sitting on the couch having a glass of wine and watching a Family Guy rerun. How I actually missed my mouth, I don’t know; at that point I was still on my first glass of Two Buck Chuck so there was really no excuse. Chalk it up to a poor sense of direction.

Believe me, once I realized I’d dropped it, I looked everywhere, to no avail. (Again, pardon the cliché.) At any rate, every once in a while during the past two days—usually while daydreaming at work—I caught myself not only wondering where the hell that blueberry could have gone, but hoping it wouldn’t surface during an amorous moment on the sofa with an admirer. Which is exactly what happened with that Dorito I lost a few months ago.

So yeah, yesterday was a good day for me. Sucked for John Edwards, though. And I can’t imagine today will be much better.


~S said...

Thanks for clearing up the comma thing. I finally get it!

By the way, your opening paragraph about John Edwards had me cracking up! I had made that mistake too, totally confused as to why John Edward's adultery made CNN Headline News! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I', glad I check out your blog as I learn something every time! Thanks for the Donna/Joey explanation, those kinds of questions give me the biggest writer's block!

Anonymous said...

Now maybe I can remember to CHECK MY SPELLING before I hit the publish button!