Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Top 10 list of "Doable" celebrities: Oh, the shame!

Every Wednesday night my BFF Deb and I do a blog talk radio show (see links at right). I've often admitted that our weekly broadcast is pure, unabashed girltalk--the kind that makes guys shake their heads and thank God for their penises. Yet inexplicably, men seem to comprise the majority of our listeners.

Last week Deb and I each revealed our lists of Top 10 Doable Celebrities. "Doable" is Deb's word--there are a few on my list whom I would not only "do" but I'm convinced I could settle into a stick-a fork-in-me-I'm-done-dating type of long-term monogamous relationship. As if they would actually have me.

I'm ashamed to admit that as Deb rattled off her list, I balked at quite a few of her choices. Larry David? I love him, but wouldn't particularly want to "do" him. Keanu Reeves? No way! Matt Damon? Are you out of your mind? So self-righteous, I was.

Well, I owe Deb a big apology. Take a look at these guys below. Yep, if I could have ANY celebrity for myself, these are the fellas I would choose. Tell me if, with one exception, I don't possibly have the most bizarre taste in men on earth.

My list of He-Men:
Row 1: A grown-up Billy "Will Robinson" Mumy of Lost in Space, Peter Horton of the sappy 80s drama, Thirtysomething, Billy Bob Thornton, former Guiding Light star Kevin Bacon
Row 2: Prince Harry (sorry), Denis Leary, Justin "Buzz Cooper" Deas of Guiding Light, Russell Crowe
Row 3: George Clooney, and my #1 choice for a lifetime of monogamy: Philip Seymour Hoffman

I need some serious help, don't I?

On next week's show we're going to disclose our celebrity girl-crushes. Now that gives you something to live for, huh?


Argentine Rocket said...

Wow, wow, wow Linda-licious! All white boys, really? I would've thought of you as an Equal Opportunity Doer!

~S said...

I have to agree with Deb: Keanu Reeves, oh yeah.

On your list: Prince Harry, maybe. Russell Crowe, maybe. George Clooney, hell yes.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman as your #1?!? You're too hot for him, Linda!

Lisa McGlaun said...


Let's see..I'll share a few but, darn it, I don't have

Jude Law, um..that's the only on I can think of right I know there are more. Oh yeah, Nathan Fillion of FireFly fame. Those are my two biggies right now.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I have to admit...I am hurt that I did NOT make the list. Oh wait..I am not a celebrity. I hope that is the only reason!

Anonymous said...

Linda,,,Linda,,,Linda,,,,I have tried many times to write a comment that says what I am thinking about this. I guess I can just comment.

Anonymous said...

EWWWWW! PSH? Billy Bob? And, Kevin Bacon, well I can see the charm but he has no butt! Sorry, sorry, but I just can't see it. This coming from someone who would "do" Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox 20 just because of his voice, so who am I to judge? :)