Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No-calorie food for thought

What if society assigned no judgment to one’s weight? What if actresses weren’t pressured to be a preposterous size 0 and the only criterion for models was the ability to emanate beauty from within? What if your weight held no more significance than the randomly assigned digits on your license plate?

How much do you think you would weigh?

I bet most of us would still be within a few pounds of the number we saw on the scales this morning.

How much time do you spend thinking about how fat you are, talking about how fat you are, planning mealtime strategies, feeling guilty over cheating on yet another diet, lamenting about your inability to just get out there and exercise, dammit…

What if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore? Imagine how liberating that would feel--wouldn't that be quite a WEIGHT off your shoulders?

Maybe we’d be a few pounds less than the number we saw on the scales this morning.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

If weight and wrinkles didn't matter, it would close down half the blogs out there. I like it--less competition.

Argentine Rocket said...

Hmmm... interesting question. I think I would want to weigh exactly the same if that were the case - I don't care what supermodels look like or what men want women to look like; there's a certain image I have of myself, certain things (like running faster) that I can accomplish with a certain weight, and that's what I want to weigh. BUT it would be nice not having to look at perfect-looking supermodels all the time!

Lisa McGlaun said...

I was much happier when I didn't own a scale. I didn't think about it. On the occasions when I couldn't easily zip my jeans I'd think, "Oh, maybe I'd better watch it for a little while." That was the extent of it.

So yes...I'd be happier.


SwordBrujo said...


Beauty is defined by society’s mirror, and if we spurn that definition, where shall we search for a definition? Will we find it in the pond’s reflection like Narcissus? But the pond is just a metaphor for our inner self. And we still need a definition. How about if we refused to acknowledge beauty’s definition altogether, should we eliminate the word from our vocabulary? Than shall we live without beauty?

Maybe we should just get off our butts and exercise, dammit. Good question.