Saturday, October 25, 2008

The gift of a quiet morning

This weekend I have no obligations; my social calendar is blank and I have no writing deadlines to meet. Of course, there are always a million things that I could do, but for today and tomorrow, there is very little that I have to do. To me, a day free of any agenda is truly a gift.

It's a beautiful morning here in Las Vegas (well, Henderson). I woke up around 8:00, which is another gift; usually my alarm blasts at 5:26. The sun shone through my window, which I'd opened last night before I went to sleep. How wonderful it was to lie in bed for a while--looking out at the blue sky, palm trees, and Black Mountain-- with nothing prompting a need for me to move.

When I was damn good and ready, I got up, made some coffee, and checked my email. Then I put on my bathing suit and soaked in the morning sun on my balcony. I lazed in an Adirondack chair, sipped my coffee and read yesterday's paper (the Friday paper is the only one I have time for these days, and sometimes that lies unread).

I thought about how wonderful it is to live in a place where you can sit out in a bathing suit in late October and how lucky I am to have a balcony in such a beautiful apartment complex. A friend of mine asked if I feel like I'm on vacation living here, and I said I really do.

This is a wonderful place. I'm glad I took the time this morning to enjoy every minute.


Todd said...

" alarm blasts at 5:26"

5:26? I thought I was the only one who set my alarm for really esoteric times in the morning. Never set your clock to a number divisble by 5, that's my motto :-)

Bobdfishr said...

What a beautiful balcony to lounge with your morning coffee. Nice chairs.

Anonymous said...

It's funny--those chairs were about $10 apiece at Walmart and they've brought me so much joy. Maybe because I picture my sister Lori squeezing them into my tiny Saturn--ha! She was so determined to fit them in, and she found a way.

I know what you mean, Todd, about setting the alarm. I think this way it takes me longer to register just how early it is. Damn that day job!