Thursday, November 20, 2008

My foot's only a size 6, but it lives in my mouth

This will not be a shock to anyone, but sometimes I say the stupidest things. No, not just stupid—insensitive. Not intentionally insensitive, just stupid.

Here’s a perfect example. I know the lady downstairs from me has been out of work for several months, so what did I have to say to her last Sunday in the grocery store?

“Did you find a job yet?”

Of course, the answer was “No.” And I’m sure she appreciated my bringing that up, since everyone she knows probably asks her the same damn question and she can’t possibly be sick of telling people she still has no job, right?

That reminded me of when I was a hospice volunteer. I’d bounce into a patient's rooms with a cheery smile and sing, “How ya doing today?” Um, exactly what type of response did I expect?

“Well, I haven’t eaten solid foods or taken a dump on my own in about a month and, oh yeah, I have about three days to live… I’m just SUPER!”

[Shaking my head… rolling my eyes.]

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