Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to reality after another fantastic weekend

Julie leaves this afternoon at 3:30 (Dar had to get back to California on Saturday), but for me, it’s back to reality today. In another hour or so, I’ll be returning to the prison-gray cubicle. Weh.

It really was a wonderful long weekend. Truly, I feel like I’ve known these girls forever. I wish Dar could have stayed longer, but Julie and I still somehow managed to have lots of fun. Saturday night beloved boyfriend took us out to dinner at the Elephant Bar in the District in Green Valley Ranch and then we went to Boulder Station to see the best classic rock band of all time, Yellow Brick Road. Julie won some money playing Blackjack, so bonus!

Sunday we floated around the pool in the morning (NO bathing suits shots of that, of course) and then made our way out to one of my favorite biker bars, the Mountain Springs Saloon outside of Vegas on the way to Parumph.

It was a good 10-15 degrees cooler up there in the hills, and to me, there’s nothing like drinking beer out in the sun while listening to good old rock and roll. And biker bars provide the best people watching opportunities, don’t you think? Check out this guy’s T-shirt. The sad part is, he kind of has a point, you know?

Afterward we stopped at Cactus Joe’s outside of Red Rock Canyon for a little shopping before heading to Red Rock casino for dinner. By the time we got home, we were exhausted and yep, the PJs were on by 9:00, when we settled in to watch an episode of Rescue Me. Julie shares my unhealthy obsession with Denis Leary, so you can be assured we had sweet dreams involving handcuffs and whipped cream that night.

Damn, I have to hop in the shower and get ready for work now, so I’ll send you over to Julie’s blog for details of our Monday adventures. (If she doesn’t post today because she’ll be traveling, she’ll have the full story and pictures tomorrow.) All I can say is that it was an absolute joy to meet Julie and Darlene and I am thrilled to have two new BFFs. Look at them--so freakin' cute!

We have so much in common and man, oh man, did we get in some serious and juicy girl talk. Nothing like it! I love them!


Julie D said...




I know I said it this morning before you left, but thank you again for having me out here. You are truly just an amazing woman. I wanna be you when I grow up! I know I have a lifelong friend, and this was just the first of many amazingly good times we will share.

By the way, I'm taking your shower with me when I leave. You are fabulous but that shower is magnificent. LOL

Love you!!!!

classicrockforthesoul said...

Glad you were about to have a fun and relaxing girls weekend!
You know, every once in a while it's just nice to do that.

And LOL at that guy's shirt...

Joanna Jenkins said...

It all sounds like a total blast. And he tee shirt is a hoot!

travel girl said...

Looks like I missed a ton of fun! Next time, I am staying longer. I loved my time with both of you. It was an awesome 19 hours!!

Thank you again for the use of your apartment!! And thank you for being you!!

Bar L. said...

HOW FUN!!!! I can't imagine what a riot it would be to hang out with you. Glad you had fun...and hey be thankful for that cubicle, I lost mine!

Anonymous said...

So glad you all had a great time together!!!! Sounds like you made some BFFs for life!

Lilly said...

That is a great post and glad you all had a fantastic time!!!There is nothing in the world like juicy girl talk you are so right there.

mariedavis said...

Hi Gal,

Sooo, where can we find Bastard Husband!!!??? That title is wonderful! Wtih all your micheavous fun, have you had a minute or two yet to listen to my CD? Marie