Saturday, July 2, 2011

Performing Sunday night at Big Al's Comedy Club

Everyone will probably be away this weekend, so I'll make this short.  I'm actually staying in town and will be doing a set at the open mic at Big Al's Comedy Club in the Orleans on Sunday night.  Show starts at 9:00.  This is a fantastic room, so if you're in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by. 

I was at Big Al's late last night for  The Fryer's Club, which is a weekly private gathering for local comics to sit around, eat, drink, and shoot the shit.   I absolutely love my comic friends.  Everyone is so down to earth and very supportive of each other.   That's my impression, anyway.  If you read my book, you know that I came to Las Vegas eight years ago depressed and miserable.  I was totally by myself and didn't know a soul.  The people in my divorce support group and the comics I met at Boomers, the stage where I first performed, were my first friends.  I adore them.
(My arms are not that fat in real life)
I just did a set at Big Al's last Sunday and wasn't planning on returning this week, but last night our bartender (who also works Sunday nights) told me, quite enthusiastically, how much he loves my stuff and that he hopes I'll be there again this week.  I'm always intruiged when I get such positive feedback from young guys in their 20s; I imagine my humor would be too old and middle-agey for them, but I guess it's not.  Then when I was leaving, Jason (of course his name is Jason, right?) called to me from behind the bar and said, "Linda, is there any beer you'd rather drink besides Newcastle?  I can get you something else from another bar, like Guinness or Sam Adams."

My favorite bartender, Jason
Oh, how sweet--he remembered I'm a beer snob.  So now I have to do a set on Sunday--how can I not? Maybe I'll write some new stuff, just so I'm not doing the same crap.

So that's it for today.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday!


That Janie Girl said...

I can't wait to come see you perform - I bet you rock the joint!!

Mike Dennis said...

Good post, Linda. Have a great Fourth.

K A B L O O E Y said...

Good to know all the young dudes appreciate a woman of your vintage. Wish I could see your set, but I hope you kill.

I Hate to Weight said...

you are amazing! jason is plying you with beer to make sure you perform.

i love it!!!!

Debbie said...

Linda, that is the cutest picture I've seen of you yet! And I don't mean cute like, cute, but you look very pretty ... and my arms are fatter than yours ... just so you know.