Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Greetings from the great Northeast!

I'm back from my much needed bloggy break!  Last Wednsday night, Mike and I flew to Albany for good times with family and friends.   For the past several years, I've been wanting to be in Albany for the St. Patrick's Day holiday season, and this is my year!

Of course, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this little one--the only person allowed to put her feet on Aunt Lori's kitchen table.

Hazel is still the most serious baby ever

We have been busy, busy.  Friday, Mike and I had lunch with my friend Warren, a 72-year-old widower I met last April on a nonstop Southwest flight from Albany to Vegas.  We talked and laughed the whole way and are now friends for life.  I see Warren every time he goes to Vegas or I come to Albany.  (I swear, if you sit next to me on a plane you may never get rid of me.) 

Anyway, Friday was my daughter Courtney's birthday--I am freaking that my "baby" is 33!--and that night she and her husband, John, had a coffeehouse gig with another musician friend.  My son, Christopher, sat in for a song, too. 

John, Chris, and Courtney (the birthday girl)
It always brings me such joy to watch my kids perform.

Saturday marked the beginning of the holiday season, with the annual Corned Beef and Cabbage Day at the Washington Tavern, an Albany landmark.  The place was packed and the free corned beef and cabbage, as well as the Guinness, was delicious. 

I had to limit myself to only one, though, because I had a big night ahead of me--I was headlining at the Comedy Syndrome Comedy Club in downtown Albany that night.  Headlining!

It's one thing to do a 15-minute set here and there, but headlining is something else.  Headliners do at least 45 minutes, which in my case is everything funny I've ever said in my life.  There's a certain amount of pressure--you realize that people are paying good money and are dedicating their Saturday night to see you.  It had better be good!  That's why I needed the bloggy break--had to get my act together!

The place was packed.  Russ Davignon, who runs the club, was thrilled with the turnout and we even had a RECORD BREAKING CROWD!!!  No pressure, huh?  Thankfully, I was the best, funniest, wittiest, most relaxed version of myself on stage that night and knocked it out of the park.  WHEW!

Oh, it was so much fun.  And see, I really do practice what I preach about going out of your comfort zone.  It's scary as hell sometimes, but that's the only way growth can happen.

My sister Lori took some videos and I'll post them on YouTube in the next couple of days.  I promise.

I was so happy that Mike was able to spend a few days here, and was thrilled that he was there to see my show.  He's so wonderful and supportive.  I'm a lucky girl.  Mike headed back to Vegas yesterday (sniff).

Saying good-bye at the airport

I'm here for another week, and a busy week it will be.  Life is good, folks!  


Debra Lynn Shelton said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
Congratulations! You are an inspiration, and I thank you for that. I also want to thank you for my Resume. It's perfect! You knocked it out of the park, and I am very, very pleased. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner! I realize this was not the typical resume, and your patience and hard work is very much appreciated.
P.S. Hazel is GORGEOUS!

Mimi said...

Linda, you;re amazing!
You're so right about the comfort zone too, easiest place in the world to stay in, but no growth there. And kind of no fun either!
I'd love to see the video on youtube, I hope one day to see your show live.. some day.

Mike Dennis said...

Great news, Linda. Keep it up.

Taradharma said...

can't wait to see the video! Congratulations -- what a high to know you were in the flow and performing at your best.

I KNOW that if I sat next to you on an airplane we'd be friends for life. I love that about you - you are on a mission to squeeze all the good stuff from this ol' life we are given. Brava.

Debbie said...

Can't wait to see the video! I MISS YOU LINDA!!!!


Anonymous said...

so it's you that brought this wonderful weather we are having in the Northeast!! thank you!!!

Anyway, cant wait to see your act, since I missed it again, but couldnt have gone Saturday night anyway.

Jill from NY (Hudson Valley)

kkerin said...

Ohh, can't wait to see the video! Congrats on a job well done! (I think if we sat next to one another on a plane, we'd be friends too!)