Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Woo-hoo! I'm Miss September!

No, I didn't lose 25 pounds and pose for a Playboy calendar.  I wish!  Oh, how I wish...  But I am on a calendar. Kind of, not really.

Here's the scoop.  Seems that two of my beloved family members got themselves a "12 Months of Dachshunds" calendar last Christmas. Why? I don't know.  Even though we had a dog in the house when we were growing up, none of my siblings or kids have animals. We're not animal people.  So go figure.

Anyway, sometime during last Christmas' holiday season, these two beloved family members--undoubtedly aided by some sort of alcoholic inspiration--decided to name each month's featured dachshund after the real-life person the dog resembled.

Need I say more? 

They named the September dachshund "Linda" because of its beautiful hair. Of course.

How lucky was I to be at a party in Albany during my featured month so I could pose with my canine look-alike?  (To the first person who comments, "I can totally see the resemblance":  I will kick your ass.) 

But in real life, I can kind of see it myself...

Evidently, 2013 was the third year these two beloved family members got themselves a dachshund calendar, but the first where they named the dogs.  Actually, I'm kind of honored.  And thankful that it wasn't "12 Months of Birds." Now, that would be crossing the line.


Tara said...

if only your legs were shorter and your tongue was sticking out.....and you were a DACHSUND!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I can kind of see the...never mind!!


Anonymous said...

BTW...your hair looks great in that picture!!


Unknown said...

That's a dachshund?