Saturday, September 12, 2009

Martin Mull, Steve Martin, Martin Short and more!

Remember a few weeks ago I posted a picture of my sister Lori and Steve Martin? One of my readers, Other Mikey’s Julie from Idaho, left a comment asking how she got to meet him. In case you missed the reply, a few years ago Lori and I attended the actor Martin Mull’s art opening at the (unfortunately) now-defunct Las Vegas Art Museum.

You know Martin Mull, right? I remember him as wife-beating Garth Gimble on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, a show I used to love when I was in college up at SUNY Plattsburgh. He also played Roseanne’s gay boss. Anyway, what you probably don’t know is that he has a master’s from the Rhode Island School of Design and back in 2006 there was a reception here in Vegas that was open to the public. My sister was here visiting and we jumped at the chance to check out the scene.

Lori bought a book of his art in the gift shop and Marty (let’s pretend we’re that close) signed it and graciously chatted with us for a few moments. Really, he was nice as hell. I still wish I’d bought a book, too, but I was broker than broke back then. Anyway, other than Marty, the biggest name in the room was Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller fame. Until a limo pulled up outside and who emerged from it but Steve Martin.

By that point, Lori and I had left the reception and were almost at my car, but when we saw Steve Martin head into the building, we marched our asses right back in there. Of course we had to stalk him a little before we saw our opportunity to move in. Lori asked if she could have her picture taken with him and he obliged so I took this shot of them.

He seemed a little uncomfortable, like he really didn’t want to call attention to himself or steal his friend’s thunder, so I didn’t ask to have my picture taken with him—I’m not that aggressive. Surprising, huh? But really, I’m not. I did tell him I thought Shopgirl was brilliant, and instead of rolling his eyes and saying, "Oh, I’m so bloody thrilled you think so because your stupid opinion means so much to me," he was nice enough to simply say thank you.

Did you happen to see Kathy Griffin on Larry King last night? She said Steve Martin is “a four-letter ‘D’ word.” Evidently in her new book, which I’m not going to plug because she’s a little too mean-spirited for my taste, she tells about meeting him when they were both guests on Martin Short’s talk show. (What is it with all the Martins in this post???) Anyway, I guess Steve Martin was on the cold side so now, based on that one brush with him, she’s telling the world he’s a dick. Hello, maybe he thought you were a mean-spirited bitch and wasn't in the mood to fake nice-nice.

No, I won’t plug her book. I do think she has a funny line here and there, but not enough to overcome the annoyingness. Maybe she’s really nice in real life and I’ll feel bad for saying that. Anyway, I’ll gladly plug Steve Martin’s book, Born Standing Up. It’s a memoir, and if you’re at all interested in stand-up comedy, you’ll love it. And after you read it, I doubt you’ll come away thinking Steve Martin is a dick.

So that’s the story of how Lori got her picture taken with Steve Martin. And just so you have some idea of what Martin Mull's art looks like:

What about you? Have you ever had a celebrity encounter? Do tell, and don’t leave out a single detail!


AmyK said...

Take it for what you want....My niece worked at the Kennedy Center for about 3 years, which was at the same time Steve Martin was honored at the Kennedy Center Honors... of course. I know for a fact that they had a difficult time finding celebrities to say nice things about him.Noone wanted to speak. His was the last progam filled. Maybe he's nicer to the public than to his peers.

Fragrant Liar said...

I was in Vegas many years ago and in an elevator with John Stossel, who was wearing very short jogging shorts. He's pretty cute in person too.

My ex was playing a gig at Saxon Pub in Austin when Dennis Quaid (who was shooting that Alamo movie) came in and got on stage with the band. He loved hubs' drum playing (he's always in key), and when Quaid got a shot of whiskey, the hubs brought me home the shot glass. So I had Dennis Quaid's DNA in my fridge for like two years. :))

slacker-chick said...

When I was a teenager in the 80's. my mom put my name in for a contest w/o asking and I actually won. Dinner, a limo ride, & two tickets to see and meet Sheena Easton, which was particularly mortifying b/c my bff and I thought we were so cool/edgy/punky and just The Shit.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Wow, Amy, that's fascinating! I guess people's public persona doesn't always match how they act privately.

Does that mean Joan Rivers could be a doll in real life?

Dennis Quaid's DNA... ha!

Slacker, you're still the shit.

Hurricane Mikey said...

I dealt blackjack to Robin Williams one night.

Unfortunately, most of his movies suck.

Other Mikey's Julie said...

Love Steve Martin - I choose to believe that he is one of those high IQ geniuses that just lacks people skills.
My celebrity encounter only counts if you are a football fan. Ran smack dab(head on - body to amazingly gorgeous body) into Mark Schlereth in college and then shook his hand years later after he retired from the NFL. Girls if you are interested in some eye candy look him up on ESPN.

Comedy Goddess said...

Me? Bill Murray.
He came into a health food store where I worked. He was looking for the bathroom. I showed him the way. As he passed by my counter on the way out I said I really liked his performance in The Razors Edge. He said, "You're about the only one." But he smiled, and shook my hand.

Danica said...

LOL I love Martin Mull on Rosanne! Can't get enough of him!

I went to high school with Neil Patrick Harris. We were in different schools, but we competed in band competitions together and his dad was our mock trial coach.

I've also met Wally Kurth who is now on Days of Our Lives. It was at a celebrity signing.

I've also ran smack dab into Jody Shelley who was a hockey player for the Columbus Blue Jackets. He let me have my picture taken with him. Nicest guy ever.

I've also had my picture with Kirk Heirbstret and Archie Griffin both ex OSU players however Herbie is now on ESPN. He touched me on my back while signing my shirt.

Anonymous said...

I met Henry Winkler in the Atlanta airport while waiting for my connecting flight. He was a bit confused about a flight and asked me if he was in the correct place. I had time, so I escorted him to his correct gate. Very nice, appreciative, and very soft spoken.

I was a little bit lost around Dallas/Ft. Worth area and stopped at Carls Corners to ask for directions. Willy Nelson was in the restaurant there and as the waitress I asked for direction from didn't know, Mr. Nelson was kind enough to very sucintly tell me how to get to my destination. A smile, autograph on my t-shirt, and a handshake later, I was on my way.

I was staying at the Sheridan in Dallas one night,(visiting my sis-in-law who was passing through) and had my 1 year old baby with me. Climbed aboard the elevater to go down to the lobby, and who should be on there but Troy Aikmen and 3 other Dallas Cowboys. Mr. Aikmen stooped down to look my child in the eyes and smile. My daughter looked up at me and saw me smiling, then lunged into this gentlemans big arms and he lifted her up and carried her off the elevater into the lobby and just stood there holding her, like he was hesitant to let her go. He THANKED ME for allowing him to hold my baby girl!! That was a rush. lol.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

OMG, if I ever saw Bill Murray, I would be on sensory overload--I LOVE him! What About Bob? is one of the greatest movies ever made. I don't know about The Razor's Edge, Comedy Goddess...

Robin Williams--wouldn't thrill me.

I've heard that Henry Winkler is one of the nicest people in Hollywood.

Willie Nelson--just goes to show you that pot smokers are mellow.

I have no idea about those sports guys, though!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

I found you through some blog hopping and I can't wait to read more. My celebrity counters haven't been real close or exciting but I came within feet of Jay Mohr in the Louisiana Superdome, which was my first job out of college. Then while attending a conference at the New Orleans Ritz Carlton, I saw Della Reese in the elevator. Nothing to write home about but somewhat thrilling I guess.

Congrats on your celebrity encounters. Fun stuff.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Welcome, Mandy! You know, for as long as I've lived here, the only other celeb I've seen is Tom Smothers in the arcade of New Youk New York.

My friend Nina is the lucky one--she was alone in an elevator in the Four Seasons in L.A. with George Clooney--YUM!!!

k a b l o o e y said...

Hi Linda Lou -- anyone slacker-chick says is a good writer AND fucking cool has got to be worth the follow, so I signed on up. So now I'm cyber-following you, baby. Make me laugh! (Oh, right. You already did and I'm not an asshole. So sorry.)

Vodka Mom said...

I once ran SMACK into tall Marsha from the Bob Newhart show at the San Diego Zoo. It couldn't have been Sean Connery or Davy Jones or even STEVE MARTIN. It had to be tall red headed Marsha.

Oh, when I was college my roommate and I memorized the Steve Martin and Gilda Radnor albums and would recite them DRUNK at our sorority parties. Hm. No wonder I was never homecoming queen.

Vodka Mom said...

and p.s. I love you.

ModernMom said...

I'm Canadaian so lots and lots of Hockey player sitings.'s true.

My ony other god one is being pulled out of the crowd at the David Letterman Show to play Know Your Current Events. Flirted with Dave:) My 5 minutes of fame!

Charles Digby said...

I too saw Henry Winkler on the train between terminals at the Atlanta airport yesterday 11Jan. Actually my wife pointed him out to me, but I was unsure it was him and too shy to say anything to him, since I value his privacy. He looks just as fantastic as ever and seems to be one of the nicest persons in Hollywood, more than what I can say for many others!