Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yesterday's text from my daughter, Courtney

jimmy carter's not dead!!! you learn something new everyday!
If you think Linda Land is a wonderful place, can you imagine what Courtney World must be like?


R. Jacob said...

Information overload! Linda, at least she knows who he is? or was?

Six Flags over Ray

Anonymous said...

By the way, regards to the previous "Black People You Admire List", I would like to add Kanye West & Serena Williams as two great, sterling contributions to the black community!

Julie said...

I think Courtney World must be like Disneyland. LOL

Anonymous said...

I dont get it...Jimmy Carter calls normal Americans racist because they do not agree with B.H Obama, but he does not label the booze swilling Kanya West racist at all.

Give me a break. I know it is a touch topic, but I would like to see a political post from both you and Mikey.


Krissyface said...

I like that Courtney.

Courtney said...

Courtney World is awesome! I'm so psyched I get to live it.

p.s. - thank you for never writing about politics.


Lori Biker said...

Courtney is precious! Two things I don't look for in this blog are politics and religion! Thanks for that!