Thursday, June 30, 2011

That one pair of sunglasses you just can't lose...

A couple of weeks ago while walking around Sedona, I was telling my friend Gail about this bit I’d heard about sunglasses by a comic whose name I wish I could recall. The guy was funny as hell.

He was saying how when you lose a pair of sunglasses, they’re always the brand new Ray Bans; they’re never the old, scratched-up Walmart sunglasses you’ve had for years. Those are the ones you couldn’t lose if you tried. Then he said something like,

“You could be leaning over the edge of a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, and if those old, shitty sunglasses fall into the water, I guarantee a scuba diver will swim by and shout, ‘Hey! I got your sunglasses!’”
I love that bit. We can all relate, right?

I have a pair of those indestructible shades; they’re all scratched up and parts of the frames are peeling off.  They're the cockroaches of the sunglass world and the only ones I have right now. I refuse to buy another pair until I somehow get rid of them, since the replacement glasses are surely doomed. I bought them years ago at Walgreen’s and I can’t tell you how many pairs I've been through since. Some were sat on or otherwise broken; most were lost. I remember one pair disappearing in Ross Dress-for-Less in Boise and I swear, it was as if Rod Serling himself had pulled them into another dimension. I cannot fathom how I lost them. Of course, they were maybe a week old. Maybe.

Anyway, Tuesday afternoon Gail and I were enjoying the happy hour specials at the Elephant Bar in The District at Green Valley Ranch. Then, as we’re leaving the building, our waitress comes rushing after us.

“Here!” she exclaimed to me. “You forgot your sunglasses!”

Gail and I cracked up. I thanked our server, who said, “You’re the second person in a row who did that.”

Yeah. I’m not the only one.

Two and a half years and counting!


Julie said...

My sunglasses are prescription so I have to hang on to them, otherwise I'm screwed!

Mimi said...

You're absolutely right!
each year I buy a new pair (cheap) but they always get lost, and my old, scratched (also cheap) ones come oput again.
So I am never, ever, buying Ray Bans. Not unless I win the lotto!
lol at the cruise ship and diver bit!

Debbie said...

I have a pair of CVS specials. $19 ... throw them in the purse, they get banged up and I don't have a case for them. Have had them for years. My sister gave me a pair of designer sunglasses with a gigantic ass case that was bigger than my make up bag. UGH ... they took up too much space in my purse.

I Hate to Weight said...

beautiful picture.

this happens to me with watches (i love watches.) my parents gave me beautiful watches and each time i lost them. one gorgeous one for high school graduation. lost. 21st b'day. lost. college graduation. gone.

finally,in my 20s, i went to the local Rite Aid drugstore and got a Timex. i wore it for TWENTY years, until i got a Mickey Mouse watch at Disneyland. lost that one.

now, i don't wear a watch. i use my cellphone to tell time.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

The 20-year Timex--precious! I haven't worn a watch since 1984. Too stressful having the time dangling off my arm like that.