Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hurricane Mikey is blogging again!

Good news for Hurricane Mikey fans!  I got an email from the big guy yesterday and he's returned to the blogosphere!  Check out his new blog and his alter ego, Grant Silverstone.

He's the same Mikey we know and love, but with a different spin on life.  And he has some pretty impressive plans for the future.  Join me in wishing my beloved friend well!


raydenzel1 said...

My, you are up early in Linda Land. Or maybe just getting home?

Sous-Chef said...

WOO-HOO, this is the best news so far this week. Welcome back Mikey, or should I say Grant!!

Tender Heart Bear said...

Thank you I really enjoyed reading his blog. That makes me want to go out and start walking which is what I love to do.