Saturday, August 23, 2008

Should 50-year-olds have a MySpace page? Yes!

I’ve been on MySpace for over a year now and I love it! When one of the young girls at work suggested I put up a MySpace page, I replied with, “MySpace? I’ll be the oldest person on there!”

Au contraire. While MySpace started as a social networking site primarily targeted to the youth demographic, there are millions and millions of folks on there around my age (50) and even much older. But in the MySpace world, as in real life, age doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to have fun, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

Through MySpace, I’ve enjoyed quite a few virtual friendships. I correspond regularly with an artist in North Carolina I found on musician David Byrne’s page; we discuss our philosophies of life and share personal concerns that somehow are easier to express through the comfort of relative anonymity.

One of my MySpace BFFs is my ex-husband’s former student, whom I connected with through my ex’s MySpace page. Lucia lives in Washington, DC, and is a sweet soul (see her runner’s blog in my links at right). I know we will meet someday; I picture us going through two bottles of wine while chatting all night on my couch.

I have met up with a few MySpace friends here in Las Vegas—local musician Rockin’ Billy is a super-cool guy—and one of my virtual friends from Phoenix is coming to town today on his way to the Burning Man festival up near Reno. Bill is a prolific blogger, and we have been reading and commenting on each other’s writing forever, it seems. I really can’t wait to see him in the flesh.

Through MySpace I keep in touch with friends I used to work with, friends from my writers’ group, and one of my best girlfriends from college who now lives in Colorado. I can also check up on the goings-on of my daughter (lots of parents are on MySpace just for that reason!) For single people, MySpace is a great way to screen dates—everything you’d ever want to know about Linda Lou is right there on my MySpace page.

I could go on and on, but Bill will be here soon. I really should clean.

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Argentine Rocket said...

It really is hard to believe how random this world is, Linda! And the weird thing is also that we owe it to our ex-es, on a way: if my ex hadn't wanted to live in Utah and yours hadn't gotten a job at the university, we wouldn't have found each other through myspace years later! We shall meet very soon - until then, please keep writing and I'll keep reading!