Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tomorrow's the big day!

Just a quick update...

I got into Albany last night right on schedule. My friend Tim picked me up at the airport and then he, his wife, Susan, and I headed out to Rensselearville, NY, a quaint little town in the Helderberg mountains about 30 miles outside of Albany. My future son-in-law's band, Red Haired Strangers, had a gig in the restaurant of the Rensselaerville Institute.

What a great scene! The place was packed--this was definitely the place to be in Rensselaerville on a Friday night--and the music was awesome.

A band with a pedal steel guitar, fiddle, and banjo... guys in flannel shirts, women with not a bit of make-up... Nope, we're not in Vegas anymore. I was really digging the small-town authencity. The 18 degrees outside--not so much.

So tomorrow's the big day: pancake breakfast at the Rensselaerville firehouse at 9:30, wedding in John's parents' living room somewhere around noon, and Willie Nelson concert at the Palace Theater in downtown Albany tomorrow night. Courtney and John are glowing.

Love is all around.


KriMonster said...

They're a match made in heaven!!

Lilly said...

Aww how sweet love is. Cant wait to hear about the wedding!!

Anonymous said...

Uh..wait! This ain't a shotgun wedding, is it?

Anonymous said...

Did the groom sign a pre nup?

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Ha! No pre-nup and not a shotgun wedding--as far as I know!

Anonymous said...

Yeeee Hawwww, love a small town wedding.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Krissyface said...

oh, that sounds so sweet. Reminds me of my wedding on a farm upstate.

of course, I'm divorced now.

But I digress.

Congrats, Courtney and John!!!