Saturday, January 8, 2011

Heading back to Vegas after quality time with friends and family

Today I'm flying back to Las Vegas after two and a half weeks of having fun with friends and family here in Albany. It was wonderful to see everyone, and I cherish every minute I'm with my kids and grandchildren.  Did you see this picture of Hazel and her Mini-Me that I posted on Facebook?  She is so freakin' cute, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her grandmother. You can't tell from this picture, but Hazey's eyes are just as blue as the doll's.

So you know my 12-year-old grandson, Connor, and I love to watch movies together, right? Of course given my antics over the summer, he prefers we enjoy a film from the comfort of the living room, where I’d be scolding only family members who talk, not complete strangers. 

Anyway, remember Planes, Trains and Automobiles? I gave Connor the DVD for Christmas and we watched it together last Saturday night. As he took it out of the case he said, “Hey, Granny, did you know this is rated R?” I couldn’t imagine why, until we got to this classic scene at the rental car counter where Steve Martin lets the F-bomb rip about a hundred times in a minute.

Connor thought it was hysterical and hit the rewind button over and over, and then went back to that scene after the movie was over. Yep, that’s what grandmotherly bonding memories are made of. I love that kid.

I'm so happy for Hurricane Mikey; seems like he's having a blast with his family.  I can totally understand why he's taking some time off from blogging--when I was in Albany for the summer, I was having so much fun (on top of working full-time) that it was hard to maintain my regular posting schedule.  You may remember my recent post, "When life is good, is it less interesting?" in which I mentioned I wrote Bastard Husband during the most miserable period of life.  But when times are good... well, I guess we're better off living them than writing about them.

Times are good for me right now.  I'm in love, I get to work from home, and believe it or not, my hair hasn't been sucking quite as loudly these days.  Maybe because I'm growing it out a little or maybe it's a Christmas miracle.

Or maybe my eyesight is going.  I do think I get better looking every day, you know. (What an a-hole, right?)

Anyway, I'll continue blogging even though I'm happy as hell and I'll try to make it as interesting as I can.  Just forgive me when I become a typical granny showing off my babies.

(Connor's shirt is folded over, but wouldn't it be funny as hell if it said, "Proud to be Awesone"?  Ha!)


gayle said...

Hope my grandson likes doing things with me when he's 12! I know you are enjoying both your grandchildren!

Julie D said...

I like your hair longer! Looks good!

OMG, the mini me is killing me. Cutest. Thing. Evah!