Thursday, January 13, 2011

My response to YOUR techno-whine

GREAT comments on Tuesday's post! You gave me some ideas for other points I want to make.

Mellodee wrote
Part of the problem is that the instructions included usually suck big time... It's not our fault that we don't have a Ph.D. in anything remotely related to "stuff."
YES! The manuals suck big time. I'm a technical writer (believe it or not), but being technically challenged actually helps me write good documentation, especially instructor manuals. I have to be able to understand something in order to communicate it to others, and I make sure that even a monkey can follow my instructions. As a result, though, I have little patience for poor instructions. Actually, I have little patience for just about everything. I should probably work on that, huh?

Liz wrote
I want (need?) a router so I can use my (now useless) laptop in the living room. I've had the laptop for a couple of years and still don't have a router. I'm putting it off because I feel like setting up a wireless network at home will be PAIN IN THE AS*!!! And, I assume I'll screw it up.
First of all, isn't she precious for asterisking "AS*"? As if Jesus or Santa reads my blog! Somebody was brought up to be a lady. Liz, I suggest you take a stab at this. I was able to set up a router all by myself when I was in my apartment (Mike handles anything related to wires now--that's men's work), and if I could do it, you certainly can. If I'm recalling correctly, I may have called the cable company to help me.

IMPORTANT HINT: Whenever you call for help and a young guy (or any age Indian guy) answers, start the conversation with this line: "Pretend you're explaining this to your grandmother." That way they'll know right off the (old) bat to dumb it down to the appropriate level.

dle wrote
Why can't companies put a manual in their products? I hate it when they give you a CD. I want to see the printed page and read it!!!
Oh, don't get me going on this. Remember last spring when I bought that piece-o-shit T-Mobile HTC-HT2 phone? I asked for an instruction book and they told me there's one online. SO NOT THE SAME! You can't rummage through an online manual the same way as a paper manual.

Mimi mentioned she has an iPhone, also with no music on it because of her technical challenges, plus she can't stand anything in her ears. I'm with you on that, sister! I'm easily annoyed, and earbuds just add to it all.

Gayle wrote
If I have problems with my computer or anything related to it.....wireless etc. then I have to have my husband fix it. He was going to get me an iPhone and in a way I am glad he didn't because who knows how long it would be before I could figure out how to use it.
First, see my above comment about men's work. Now, let me talk about the iPhone. After swearing at the T-Mobile P.O.S. for a couple of months, I jumped ship and got an iPhone. No, I wasn't thrilled when the guy in the store told me the manual was online, but the iPhone is so easy to use and so intuitive that I've never needed a manual anyway. (I did buy an app for 99 cents with tips on how to get the most out of it.) Seriously, I love that thing! Highly, HIGHLY recommend. Be brave, Gayle!

Anonymous and Jamie in PA are looking for Bastard Husband: A Love Story on Kindle. I'm working on it! I had myself a little swear-fest the other night when the thing uploaded all scrambled, but I think I know of another approach, which I'll try later on. I haven't asked for Mike's help yet; it would be a coup to be able to do this myself. But really, that's a better job for him.

Thanks for all your comments, and to everyone--thanks for reading my blog!



raydenzel1 said...

look at everything you do everyday, blog, computer,'etc. You are not giving yourself enough credit. There is always a learning curve, from learning to walk, to tie your shoes, to driving a car.
There is no drive thru in learning. If the product is designed well it will be almost intuitive. I build most things around the house by feel or by the picture on the package. I get mad if I have to read the directions! If it is something new, take it slow, but don't quit.

Julie D said...

I told you that you'd love the iPhone. Now, have you figured out Face Time yet????? You still need to call me when you're in a wireless area so we can talk face to face! If I'm at home you can "meet" Michael too! :)

Unknown said...

I like gadgets and their instructions, even if the manual is online. Even better if the manual is online--can always find it.

People on the other hand... no instruction manuals online for them! I could tell you how to get music on your iPhone, but if you are like your sister, and you are, you wouldn't let me. I've bought her two iPods, neither has a tune on it that I didn't put there. (putting music on your iP[hone|od]: is apparently man's work--like the wires).

As for the earbuds--other headphones will work too, you don't have to use what came out of the box.

gayle said...

I like paper manuals! Still thinking about an iphone.

linda said...

I am a techno whore. Computer, lap top, Ipad, Iphone, Nike shoe thingy I wear when running with Ipad nano. Sync sync sync.

However, I have no idea how to use the tv remote or put on a dvd.

raydenzel1 said...

I have only learned to use the TV remote a year later. and there is still a connection for the computer to the TV I have yet to explore!