Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Those rat bastard credit card companies

I've posted before about those rat bastard credit card companies.  Fortunately, the (long overdue) Credit Card Reform Act of 2010 offers many new consumer protections like they can no longer hike interest rates on existing balances except under limited conditions such as when a promotional rate ends or if the cardholder makes a late payment. 

Credit card companies can still, however, slash credit limits abruptly even if you have a pristine payment history.  Unfortunately, this has an adverse effect on your credit score because a component of this figure is calculated from your ratio of credit used and available credit. So the bottom line is, no matter how diligent you are in your payments, those rat bastards will find a way to fuck you over.

Recently I received a letter from Wells Fargo that started something like, "It's never pleasant to have to communicate bad news to our valued customers..." and then they proceeded to tell me they've gone ahead and slashed by credit limit on a card I have with them.  A card I've never been a second late in paying because I value my credit score.  A card from an institution where I also have a personal checking account, personal savings account, business checking account, and business savings account.  And BTW, their little snail mail wasn't news to me since I'd already seen their wicked decision online. 

Having talked to these fuckers on the phone before (talking to someone in a branch is useless--they'll have you believe they have NOTHING to do with the credit division) (bullshit), I know I have no effective course of action.  So I did a little something to make myself feel better:  I took a red magic marker, wrote "FUCK YOU" on their correspondence to me, and sent it back to them. 

Whatever.  They can probably charge me with sending obscenities through the U.S. Postal Service, which I'll only turn into a media sensation--a cute little granny takes on the evil creditors and becomes a hero of the people.  Sigh... HDTV makes me nervous.

Seriously, I'm ranting here, but it's only a matter of time until somebody gets pissed enough and goes fucking postal about this.  Hmmm... maybe there is some redeeming value in Call of Duty Black Ops.  Millions of people are improving their aim.

Not serious.  I hate violence.  But...


raydenzel1 said...

Tiara's for helmets? I am in!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were gonna post about Ricky Gervais!

I Hate to Weight said...

i had terrible credit card issues 6 years ago. i just got my first little baby credit card since 2005. it makes me nervous

it's been absolutely wonderful owing absolutely nothing and not having to deal with those damn fools.

now that i have credit cards again, i assume i'll be joining the NRA

Sous-Chef said...

Two words for everybody "credit union". Member owned and supported and far better credit policies (and rates) long-haul than any banking or "financial" institution. Membership requirements vary by insitution sometimes it's employer based other times it may be community residency. If you don't meet the requirements but family members do and belong you may be eligible to join based on that.

Bar L. said...

I would be very afraid if I were Wells Fargo.

The Vegas Flea said...

You told Wells Fargo to FUCK OFF!!!

That is so awesome!! Wells Fargo is the scum of the earth. I won't bore you or your readers with my list of known and not-so-known scumbag tactics they instill on their customers. It's a long, documented list.

Wells Fargo is evil. Believe me.