Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heading back to Vegas today!

After 12 nights in Albany, I'm flying back to Las Vegas today.  My sister and her husband have been so great to put me up again--between this trip and Christmas, I've been in Albany 25 days of the last six weeks. Albany in winter... I wouldn't want to do this every year, but it has been wonderful being able to spend so much time with family and friends. Just wish it wasn't for such a sad reason.

I'm prepared for a hellish flight back. I leave Albany at 11:45, fly to Baltimore for just a quick stop to load passengers, and then we fly to SAN DIEGO. By my calculations, that's over 8 straight hours on the plane, which wouldn't be so bad if I were flying to Ireland and the free Guinness was flowing. I know there are much more worthy causes, but I am praying it's not a packed flight and no one sits next to me. And that the flight attendant takes a liking to me and slips me some free Bailey's.  In San Diego, I have all of 25 minutes for me and my luggage to make my connection to Las Vegas, where I'm supposed to arrive at 6:15. My handsome husband will certainly be a sight for sore eyes!

Anyway, I need to get back into some kind of routine. I've been eating and drinking like I'm gonna be executed at midnight and haven't done an iota exercise since January 24. I'm swamped with and behind on my work, seriously need to check my bank account balance, and comedy? It's the furthest thing from my mind, which is not good because Tuesday night I'm in round 2 of a local comedy contest. Somehow it will all come together.

Hey, speaking of comedy, this is one of the funniest goddamn things I've seen in ages.  My grandson, Connor, turned me on to these guys. Connor LOVES comedy and loves to travel, so I'm thinking he'll make a great road comic when he gets older. He's always had a great sense of humor. Wonder where he gets that from--everyone in my family is a comedian.

How freakin' funny is that?


raydenzel1 said...

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hysterical!! I was a substitute teacher for 3 years and then taught for 34 more. This made me laugh out loud.

Memphis MOJO said...

It's LOL funny for sure.

Taradharma said...

pretty freakin' funny. I like these guys and catch them on t.v. once in awhile.

Hope the trip goes smoothly - or went smoothly. Just remember: lovely hubby is waiting for you at the end of it!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You're getting out of Albany just in time. I heard a big store is headed that way.

Safe travels.
xo jj

lightning36 said...

Sorry to have missed meeting you on my recent trip. Sooo close. Next time for sure!

InJensMind said...

Welcome back.

So sorry about your loss. It's been one of those years for everyone I know lately. Ugh...

I suppose the bright side is I'll soon be able to meet you in person.. <3

I love Keye and Peele. Use to love mad TV too. It was a sad day in comedic heaven when that show went off the air. Much funnier than what SNL has become.