Friday, February 22, 2013

I haven't forgotten about you...

I just truly cannot remember being more busy in my life.  I've been working like crazy, Mom and Stepdaddy came to town on Monday, I had that comedy contest on Tuesday night (NOT in the money!) and my sister Lori and our sister BFFs Donna and Gina arrived on Wednesday. 

Donna, Lori, Gina, and me -- Friends for 50 years!

 Here we are this morning, taking a little walk through the 'hood.  Tonight we're checking out my comedy coach's show at Big Al's Comedy Club in the Orleans and then we're heading to my favorite dive bar, Dino's Lounge, for some karaoke.  No, I won't be singing... Now, that would be funny. 

Tomorrow we're heading out somewhere... maybe to Palm Springs? Prescott?  LA?  Wherever the road takes us! 

Things will calm down next week.  I think.

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Taradharma said...

it all sounds fabulous!