Thursday, March 7, 2013

How's it going? Is 2013 okay so far or what?

You're not going to believe this. I have a job--a real job--that I actually like. I'm working in the field of corporate outplacement, supporting folks who've been "downsized" (there are a ton of euphemisms in this business) or are otherwise no longer in their positions.  I facilitate job search workshops, help people strengthen their resumes and write cover letters, and do whatever I can to help them through this period of transition. 

I started working in outplacement in 1987 for a very small company, when I was 30 years old.  Then for about five years in the 90s, after I got out of grad school, I did workshops on a per diem basis with a large, international firm. I've always loved this work; I'm able to blend my writing expertise and training skills, plus I get to help people. 

I haven't enjoyed working since I moved to Las Vegas.  That's an understatement. Hold on, I did like the gig I had during the summer of 2010 when I was back in Albany. I made some awesome friends there, and the work wasn't bad. But that was a New York company, and I swear the mentality is different back East. I've pretty much hated every job I've had in Las Vegas. Until now.  Hallelujah!!!

Even though I have a 23-mile commute, even though I have to dress up every day... I still love it. I love the work, I love our clients, I love my boss, I love that I have my own office, I love that I often have the entire office suite to myself, I love that I'm making good money, I love that I'm getting 3 weeks vacations right out of the gate (and 4 weeks next year!), I love that there's a lot of variety in my day, and I love I'm spending my day in a way that's meaningful.

It's about freakin' time.
My father, who was a bus driver, loved his job. Loved it! He always used to say, "I don't work; I bring other people to work." I feel similarly. "I don't work; I help other people find work." 

Weird, but I think I'm getting more done now that I'm working regular hours. There's a lot of truth to that saying, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." I'm starting to get in a groove (thank God February is over) and I feel like I'm going to be more productive than ever. I'm going to cut way back on the freelance work I'll accept and I'm raising my rates because... I can.  I just don't need the work as much anymore.  Funny how that works, huh?

Hey, when I was back in Albany when my friend Chuck died, my sister Lori said she was ready to have a New Year's Eve do-over party because so far 2013 was sucking big time. A lot of people thought it was a good idea; 2012 was awful and this year wasn't looking much better. Well, things are definitely looking up for me, and I hope they are for you, too.

So, how are things going?


Memphis MOJO said...

Loving your job is a true blessing!

Taradharma said...

you are one lucky gal! Not many can say they love their work. It's great that you're putting your energy and talent into helping others.

For me 2013 is already passing swiftly. I haven't once written "2012" on a check, so, hey, I'm doing fine and grounded in reality.

Mimi said...

Linda, I'm thrilled for you, and I love how upbeat this post reads. Honestly, it would put anyone (ok, me!) in good form.
I love my job too, it has variety and it feels that I make a difference in the lives of the kids tat I teach. I do some admin as part of my job and I love that too.
So, yes, life is good and long may it last!

Gianetta said...

I'm still looking for a job myself. However I am writing a novel in my spare time so that's a good thing.

raydenzel1 said...

Last year was very tough for me to get through, this year is looking much better!

Tender Heart Bear said...

I am still looking for a job myself. It is really hard to find one here.

I am so happy for you and your new job. I hope I can find one that I will be happy working at like you.