Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh, crap... the irony

My friend Chuck, who passed away on January 25, came to me in a dream last night.  It's such a gift when someone who's passed visits you in a dream.  Ordinarily I'd think that, anyway.  In this dream, I was trying to take a dump and Chuck was standing at the door. (I can imagine the psychological implications behind that one.) Fortunately, I "felt the urge" only my dream--you know how you hear about people who piss the bed because they dreamed there were in the bathroom? Well, thank God that didn't happen!

Speaking of... Shit has been hitting the fan in my house lately. I can't go into detail, only that I have no use for the whole "teenage wigger" culture and everything that goes with it (use your imagination).  Full-time now and there's no end in sight. I've said here before that the worst part of the stepparent role is you have no authority, but let me tell you, there's no fucking way I'm living in a house with rap music, so at least that has stopped. But your pal here in Las Vegas is miserable these days, and I can't even frame it in a way where hey, at least it's funny material for my comedy. Trust me, there's nothing funny about it.  Everything I see disgusts me.

So happy Monday, huh?  Actually, work is a real bright spot (never thought I'd be writing that!).  In fact, I told my boss if he put a cot in my office, I'd probably never leave.  Oh, how life has its twists and turns.

Funny that my last post was, "There is always joy. Always. Somewhere." Not seeing it right now.


Memphis MOJO said...

Dreams are amazing. I wish I understood better what they mean. I woke up one day last week and I (in my dream) had been talking to LBJ, the former ex-president who's been dead for quite some time! How weird is that.

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to this - I was a step-parent to two boys who were aged 8 & 10 at the time me & hubby were married. He had full custody and every other weekend they were at their mom's. They thought life was really tough at our house and my feelings were hurt many times by spiteful words and the "mother" telling them they didn't have to listen to me. Not that I told them what to do but tried to mold them into decent human beings. It is a rough time but trust me, it does get better.

BC Angel

Taradharma said...

intimate get together with Chuck!

Has the kid ever heard of headphones? Step-parenting is very challenging...been there, done that, and she was a pretty easy kid. Yes, you live in a house with a hormonally acting out youth and you have no authority. They can even invade your space when you're trying to take a dump. I've been walked in on whilst in very compromising vulnerable positions (literally). Learned to use locks.

Anonymous said...

So...the honeymoon is over? LOL

grrouchie said...

within the next year or two I'm going to be a step parent.

You're scaring me :)