Monday, April 1, 2013

The most important resume I've ever written

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how lovely it was to have one of my dear readers and her husband come to our house for dinner during their visit to Las Vegas. I have been lucky enough to have met quite a few readers in person since I started this blog back in July 2008. Without a doubt, my greatest joy in blogging has been being able to see the people who've read my crap year after year in the flesh. I have made friends I hope to have for the rest of my life.

There are still so many I've yet to meet. At the top of my list is my friend Barbara in southern California. For years now, we've been following each other's lives through our blogs and Facebook friendship. Her most recent blog is Surrendering Into Serenity, a chronicle of her life as the mother of a 20-something son named Keven who has had one hell of a struggle with heroin addiction.  

Barbara and I are about the same age--I'm a few years older--and we're both very cool (if I do say so myself), classic rock loving chicks.  But whereas I pretty much flit through life and the most I have to bitch about is the sound of Black Ops emanating from my living room, Barbara's has to deal with her son being in jail or at death's door in ICU.

Fortunately Keven has been doing well for months now.  But when you love--or are in love with--someone struggling with addiction, you know you can never really trust your happiness. You just enjoy those moments that are drama free and hope they last. Fingers crossed.

Like all of Barbara's followers, I've been sending positive energy to her and Keven for years, wishing I could do more. A couple of weeks ago, I got my wish.

Barbara sent me an email.  "I know you're busy... I hate to ask...  I'm, I'm asking, if you can please give us some advice on how to write a resume...  Is there any way to make it sound like he's got something to offer?"

Advice on how to write a resume? Um, no. Let me write it. I'm not that freakin' busy.

And so I talked to Keven one day during my lunch, asking him a million questions about his background--what's he's done, what he can do, what he wants to do.  He was sweet and funny. An hour later he had a resume. Barbara wrote to tell me she cried when she saw it.

Within a week or so, Barbara put up a Facebook post announcing, "KEVEN GOT THE JOB! HIS FIRST INTERVIEW EVER AND HE GOT THE JOB!!!!"  Now I was the one crying.  I've heard the expression "It takes a villiage" a million times, but I think this is the first I've actually understood what it meant in the context of my own life. 

Keven's been working about a week now and it's been tough for him, but he's gaining experience. The kid needs a win. I know you're all pulling for him, too, because if he wins, the whole village wins.


Mimi said...

Linda, I am actually welling up reading this. Kevin was blessed that you wrote his resume, and he deserved that break.
And you were blessed to get the opportunity to give someone that help. It's great when you can share your talent to help someone get a start.
You're a doll, Linda!

lightning36 said...

So nice that you could help. I hope he runs with this opportunity. Sometimes it is so tough being a parent. And certainly some good vibes being sent to your friend for a little peace in her life.

Anonymous said...

Reading this blog made ME feel really good, and I had nothing to do with Keven's resume or him getting the job! Good for him and good for you for doing such a great job!


Bar L. said...

Oh Linda, I'm crying AGAIN! You are an amazing human being and Keven and I are both blessed to have you in our lives. Now for the rest of his life Kev can say "I got my first job because a stand up comedian in Vegas wrote my resume" :) I LOVE YOU!

Annette said...

I'm crying too. Bless your heart Linda for helping Keven and Barbara. I don't know your story but I do know that these unmerited acts of kindness toward our lost kids mean more than anyone can ever understand....unless they too have a lost child. They can make the difference before making it and not. So glad I got to read this. And bless you bless you bless you!

Diana said...

Ditto to all comments including the one welling up in tears while reading. Good things come to those who do good things and you did.

TAD said...

Linda: Barbara was one of the most popular music bloggers ever, & I know she & her son have had their challenges. It's really nice that you were able to help them.
It's also kinda neat how small & close the blogging community is, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

I have followed Barbara's blog for quite some time. I was so touched when I read her blog and saw that Keven found a job and a fellow blogger reached out to help him accomplish that. As the parent of a recovering addict, I know that getting a job is so important and often difficult. Your act of kindness touched my heart.

Debbie said...

I JUST READ THAT! I read her blog too ... poor thing, she really has been through a lot. You're a good person Linda ... I know ... member you fixed my resume too and I truly, TRULY appreciated it. You got a special crown waiting for you when you get to heaven my friend ... and you're going to get there on a rocket ship! LOL!

~Coach said...

Very nice Linda Lou... :)

Fragrant Liar said...

Good on you for paying it forward. that's how The Village not only survives but thrives. And we can all use a little extra help when we're down.

Anonymous said...

Linda I love this!

- Carmel

Anonymous said...

Never expect instantly success, either.