Thursday, February 16, 2012

Barack or Bill? Mom can't decide

You know I rarely to never talk politics and this post will be no exception.  Nope, I'm not the one talking politics, my mother is.  I took this video a couple of weeks ago when I was up in Idaho. It's short--stay till the end!

Now, if she had to choose between Barack and Mitt Romney... well, we know who would win hands-down.  Especially if they had to sing to her.

Oh, Barack, you're such a tease.  America, we have one hot president.


JeannetteLS said...

Careful. Your video of your mom may go completely viral. That is PERFECT. Just perfect.

And, I have to say it. I love your mother. Clearly, so do you.

Donna B. said...

Ooooooh how I needed this laugh!! Your Mom is too cute...I LOVE her accent. YES! Send it into Ellen!!!

That video of the President and Romney is priceless! I really thought it was so cool when Obama sang (you're so right) the little teaser of Al Green...

I am working out every day since Feb 1 and I am so sore today...thank you for the great chuckle!

I HATE YOUR WORD SECURITY...hope this posts...I have tried four times!

Mimi said...

Aw, your Mom is something else!
Way to go!

Gina D. said...

This is so awesome!

Debbie said...



Taradharma said...

your mom is a DOLL! She and Ellen's mom should go to the next superbowl game together and the Ellen show should document it. What a concept: a three-way with Obama and Clinton. Hope springs eternal.

oh lord, this word verification really IS bad...okay, I'm gonna try for the 3rd time, too. Why do they make it so you LITERALLY cannot decipher a letter?

R. Jacob said...

oh mom! Really? Funny!!

Mandy said...

Too funny!!

When you asked her if she knew what "do" meant it made me remember "well, that depends on what the definition of is is"