Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ADD, Jewtopia, Showgirl 101... something for everyone!

I loved your comments on Saturday's post.  Thank you all so much.  Living with an ADD spouse does take a lot of patience, and as I've said a million times, I have the patience of John McEnroe in five o'clock traffic.  In that case, I really wasn't in any big rush to get my mail and his "two to the eighth smarty-pants power" was pretty entertaining.  Oh, but believe me, there are times when that ADD shit makes me positively mental.

Everybody has something, though.  God knows I'm a royal pain in the ass.  A couple of weekends ago, Mike and I and my friend Gail went to see a show in town called Jewtopia.  It was a cute celebration of Jewy-ness and one part had me convinced that I, in fact, am actually a Jew and not just a big fan of them.

There was this one skit about a Jew searching for the perfect table in a restaurant.  "No, not near the kitchen... Over there?  Under the vent?  Are you crazy?  No, I want a booth... Not that one!  Not near children...  That one over there would be okay, but it's too close to the speaker..."  I put Mike through that hell every time we eat out!  I was just talking about this with my whack-job blogging friend Debbie of From Venting to Viggo; we're both the same way. 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what Mike has to put up with.  We're a match made in reality show heaven. 

To make up for my mental-ness, I am working really hard to give him a rock-hard sexy body to enjoy.  I'm only three pounds away from my goal of 134.anything and this week, in addition to my usual ballet and dance fusion classes I started Showgirl 101.  What a blast!  At the beginning of the class, the teacher asked, "Has anyone ever danced in heels before?" to which I replied, "Not sober!"  That's not quite true--I've danced plenty of times in heels to a rock band, but doing real steps is another thing.

We started simply walking across the floor like a showgirl and then progressed to a series of step-ball changes and hip movements.  There were only three of us in the class--me, a slender and beautiful young girl who was probably a little older than my kids, and a woman named Becky who was probably a little younger than my mother.  Or maybe not.

So guess which one of us totally rocked it?  Becky!  And let me make it clear that she's not one of those aging, well-preserved typical Vegas women complete with the facelift.  No, she's probably about five feet tall and could pass for your favorite aunt.  She was sexy as hell--she really knew how to move! 

It was so cool to watch her.  The young woman and I were both a little, "I hope no one's secretly  videotaping this" as we danced across the floor; I'm getting better, but I'm still a little spastic when it comes to following dance steps.  But Becky just let loose and enjoyed herself.  And it showed.

So anyway, dancing is doing the trick for me.  I feel fantastic and I must look pretty good, too.  Did you see my Facebook post on Sunday?

It's all so fun.  That's what life is all about, no?  What kind of fun are you having these days?


raydenzel1 said...

here's all my money! love that line
That's what's missing, some cool jeans pictures!

Bar L. said...

Fun. Hmmmm. Playing with my dog is about the most fun thing I've done in a long time. But I'm working on being able to have fun again.

OH!! I know! reading your blog is FUN :)

Debra Lynn Shelton said...

About a year ago, a young woman carded me. I asked her to marry me. And, the Jewtopia show sounds hysterical. I was raised Jewish and have a million hilarious stories about The Tribe. You rook mahvelous, btw. ;-)

Taradharma said...

when I was a hot young thing, a compliment like that would probably have inspired me to kick the poor man in the balls. Now, I EAT. IT. UP.

Love this post. You are - obviously - living large.

I went on my first date in more than a decade last week. It was FUN!

Fragrant Liar said...

Showgirl dancing? Sign me up! Sans the stilettos, though, I'm afraid.

Debbie said...

Awwwww, i love when you mention me :) But yes, I am the same way! It's too cold in this booth, let's move, it's too hot in this booth, let's move, i don't wanna sit at a table by the kitchen ....
so glad you're having fun and exercising and dancing a few times a week. have had the flu and have been suffering from terrible allergies (which I never had before!) ok ... you are my inspiration. i gotta lose weight and MOVE. Congrats on hitting your weight goal!

Debbie said...

p.s my girlfriend's daughter is a showgirl in Vegas! I'll have to find out which show she's in.

Liz said...

I take a "Dance It Off" class at my gym. Not "showgirl" dancing but we do a lot of "sexy" moves with our hips and butts and rib cages. It trims and tones those areas like you wouldn't belive. I actually enjoy going to work out!

I'm a LONG way from received a compliment like you did on your jeans but I'm working towards it.

K A B L O O E Y said...

Wow! This is very, very impressive. Good for you and your sexy-butted self.