Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Never trust a female gynecologist with a mustache" -- that's damn good advice!

My new service is up and running--working title "life P.I.M.P." (personal inspirational mentoring partner).  On the one hand I keep thinking, man, it takes a lot of damn balls to offer a service like this--who the hell am I to tell anyone what to do?  But as I mapped out the action plan for my first clients, I realized I totally know how to help these people.  I can support their weight loss goals, I can create a resume that will renew their self-confidence and I can help them prepare for an interview when it gets to that point, and I can lead one of them down the path to getting some of her writing published and even help her find love.

This is stuff I know I can do.  But nonetheless, I probably do have a lot of damn balls.

I can take on two more clients right now.  I don't want to overextend myself; I want to do this right.  If you're interested, shoot me an email at This is how it works: I'll send you a 15-question assessment, you fill it out and send it back to me (it's going to take quite a bit of introspection), and then together we'll devise a road map to follow that will get you where you want to go.  We'll check-in weekly to make sure you're staying on task.  It may not be easy, but Jesus H, you only live once--why not get the most out of it?

Speaking of telling people what to do, did you see yesterday's post about my mother falling off her Sketchers?  That's totally my fault!  I bought these Sketchers Tone Up sweater slipper clogs at Ross a couple of months ago and I loved them.  (I use them as house shoes.)  I've been searching for another pair at every Ross Dress for Less in the Vegas valley with no success, but when I was in Boise last weekend, the Rosses there were full of them.  I bought a furry version in brown and made my mother and Lori buy them, too, because it's my nature to tell everyone what to do.  And of course they do it, and then my mother has to go and fall off her damn shoes.  And she doesn't even drink.

One of my Facebook friends sent me this message:
Tell your mom to throw those damned shoes away. I had a pair of sketchers and over the course of a couple of years I fell more than I ever have in my whole life. I finally fell off them and fractured my foot. I stopped wearing them and haven't fallen since. I know this sounds like I'm a nut case but some are designed with the sole being very narrow through the arch, for me this cause some sort of balance issue.
 Yikes!  Should anyone ever take advice from me???

Nonetheless, I also bought myself, Lori, and Mike Sketchers Tone Up sneakers--I love them!  I should buy Sketchers stock.  You know what stock I wouldn't buy, though?  Facebook.  You know about their IPO, right?  Don't think I've giving stock advice now, I'm just saying I think Facebook is a little past peak. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan; I love Facebook more than my Sketchers.  It can be a fantastic way to retain old friends and cultivate new relationships.  I do think it's here to stay, and in a much bigger way than MySpace.  But remember, AOL was once a monster; it isn't anymore.  People move on.  One important difference between the two, however, is that one's social network is tied to Facebook.  I know a couple of people who've left for Google +, only to return because that's where the party is.  So maybe Facebook will have a lot more staying power.  But I still don't know if it would be a good investment.

What do you think about Facebook's IPO?  Are you a Sketchers fan?  In my book I say, "Never trust a female gynecologist with a mustache."  That's good advice, right?


Lori Biker said...

I love my new Tone Ups slippers and sneakers! You haven't steered me wrong yet!!! Maybe Mommy tried to skip in them!!! You can't get me as a client though, I am doing just fine getting all the free advise I need from you. But, I would recommend others who don't have the blood connection I do!!! Good luck with this new venture!

Mimi said...

I love my Sketchers sneakers. They do take getting used to, but I had MBT sandals, so no problem, and you're looking at someone who fell flat on her face the one and only time she tried to powerwalk! Please don't tell anyone. I got a huge gash on my nose, and bruised my whole face.
Zero co-ordination, but ok on Sketchers. Now, what was your mother doing?

Mandy B said...

I wouldn't encourage your mom to wear the skechers if she continues to have problems. While many rave about them, there is a well established history of injury attributed to the use of these shoes. I know of numerous hospitals that have banned their use by staff due to nurses twisting ankles, developing shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc...(google it). Sorry to be a party pooper, but I know how much you love your mom.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I have a pair of the Skethcer Tone Up sneakers and I love them. I wear them when I am not working. When I first got them I almost fell too but you get use to them after awhile. I didn't know they have the slippers I am going to have to get me them. Thanks for letting me know.

I hope your new service goes good for you. Please keep us up to date on that.

Mike Dennis said...

Call me dense, but how do you "fall off" a pair of sneakers?

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Hahaha! I know, it seems impossible. They weren't sneakers actually; they're more like the slipper-ish shoes in the photo. They have a wedge... to fall from, I guess.

Mom, care to weigh in on this?

Mandy, that's really interesting. I hate to hear it, though, since I love them so much. But yeah, it totally makes sense.