Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something borrowed

Well, I talked to new bride/new 30-year-old/precious daughter, Courtney, on Monday, her birthday. She and her husband are on their honeymoon down South. When we spoke she was in Wilmington, North Carolina; their ultimate destination is Vero Beach, Florida, where they’ll be meeting up with John’s parents on their houseboat.

Remember her wedding last month? Remember how she got this beautiful dress from The Deb, of all places? (Evidently it’s a very uncool place to shop if you’re over 15.)


Courtney: “So you know my wedding dress?”
Me: “Of course, sweetie. You looked so beautiful.”
Courtney: “Yeah, well, I brought it back to The Deb.”
Me: “You brought it back? What do you mean?
Well, you see that satiny sash around her 23-inch waist? Evidently the price tag of the dress is hidden under there. Evidently that was the plan all along.

Courtney: “I knew I was never gonna wear it again, so I thought what the hell, I’m gonna return it.”
Me: “You brought back your wedding dress?”
Courtney: “Hell, yeah! I told them it didn’t fit and they totally gave me my money back. A hundred and fifty bucks! Woo-hoo!
Over the phone, she couldn’t see my eyes rolling back to my cerebellum. But I have to admit, her reasoning is sound…

Courtney: “You know what they say, Mom. ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed… Well, I borrowed my dress from The Deb.”
And evidently her underwear was blue.

If the TV execs don’t go for my reality show idea, which is brilliant, by the way, perhaps I can interest them in the Yankee-hippie version of Kath and Kim. We are so there.


Anonymous said...

I sooo hate anyone that has a 23 inch waist.... well, perhaps hate is a strong word, but you know what I mean.

I may have returned the dress too in this economy.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Debra Lynn Shelton said...

Too damn funny! It's good not to be attached to things. If you can bring your wedding dress back, I would imagine you're pretty good at letting things go in life, which keeps stress levels down and spirits up. Good for her - and what a beautiful bride! May their lives be filled with good health, happiness, laughter, romance, adventure and many dreams come true. As members of The Tribe say, "L'Chaim!" (To life!)

Anonymous said...

I think you were right to roll your eyes the first time. At best, it's tacky to wear something with the full intention of returning it later. At worst, it's outright theft.

Americans need to get over this lack of integrity with respect to retailers. These businesses are run by real people who have families to feed and are struggling to survive in this economy just like the rest of us.

So, I hope you'll think about that the next time taking advantage of a fellow American crosses your mind.

Hurricane Mikey said...

Hey Shannon, I'd like to quote that great American, Sergeant Hulka, and say Lighten up, Francis!

Why are you getting all indignant with your blog host? *She* was not the one who did anything wrong, she was just relating a story. Talk about shooting the messenger.

And just because some hippie chick decides to return a dress after wearing it once, it's not an indictment on Americans and their alleged lack of integrity.

Besides, it just shows your lack of ignorance about American hippie culture. They've been cheapskates since the movement began back in the 60's. We kind of give 'em a pass, because for the most party they're harmless and they know where to get the best drugs.

Anonymous said...

...too funny...lets hope no one from "The Deb" reads your blog!!

Julie D said...

Seriously. I love her.


ReeRee said...

I wish I could meet Courtney more and more everyday! I mean heck... we are in a recession...dress or cash. HAHA!

travel girl said...

I've done that a few times too. I went to a work Christmas party several years back. I eally wanted a new dress but could not afford it so i went to Nordstrom and borrowed one;)

KriMonster said...

Like I always say, "That's your child!"

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Well, here's another way of looking at it, Shannon. I don't know how many times I purchased an item of clothing that ripped or fell apart after one washing. Did I always take the item back to the store? No.

So I prefer to think of Courtney returning the dress as a way of contributing to the balance of the Universe. No harm done to the nation's GNP.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shannon:

One of my best girl friends said to me ..."you have GOT to read your mom's blog! And WHO is this Shannon?!?"

Do you really think bringing back a $150 dollar "wedding" dress is going to hurt the people who own or work for the Deb? Geez, I would feel really bad for them! You know, a cheap chain store, with multiple locations, who has been in business for as long as I can remember, is going to SUFFER because they lost 150 bucks?!?

The way I see it, $150 dollars, of my hard earned money, is a hell of a lot better in MY pocket then in the pocket of some chain store business.

I'm sorry, Shannon, if you think that it is theft, that I, a struggling singer-songwriter, returned a $150 dollar purchase that I wore. You must be saintly.

Next time you download music, or recieve a burned cd...just too, are a thief. The world isn't fair, my dear. You just have to make the best of it and fend for yourself, which I did.

All the Best to you.


p.s. - That $150 dollars went to a pair of well made, quality shoes for my husband. Those shoes will be worn for years...not for 5 hours!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Right on, Court!

Lilly said...

I think Courtney has her head screwed on the right way. Just plain sensible. Heaps of people do this and thats why stores have return politices. Courtney changed her mind....She does look beautiful in the dress too. This made me smile because I can just imagine my daughter saying the same.

As for Kath and Kim I do wish you could have got the Aussie version, it took me a while to get into it but now my daughter and I are always quoting parts of the show to each other.

You have a reality show idea - gosh you are one admirable women you know that? Love your spunk and go for it attitude!! Mmmmm, I wonder who Courtney takes after really......

Anonymous said...

I think it is also relevant that Courtney returned the dress to "the Deb" in pristine condition, well, it's "the Deb" so pristine may be an overstatement, but nonetheless, she returned in the same condition as it was in when she purchased it. So, no harm, no foul. "The Deb" will now sell it for $150 to someone else, that's the idea of borrowing.

Anonymous said...

I have the horrible affliction of being a tad too honest. When I get too much change at the store or don't get charged for something - I always open my big mouth. That being the case - even I have wanted to "borrow" an outfit for a one time event & take it back. I think the world will continue to spin after Courtney took back the wedding dress & those shoes will always have special meaning!