Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great time so far at JazzFest

I'm writing from the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott in Metarie, just outside of New Orleans. We had a great day at JazzFest yesterday. The weather was perfect JazzFest weather--warm and breezy with some cloud cover, which was great because other than the music tents, there's no shade and you're out in the sun for hours and hours.

We started the day off with cafe au lait and bengiets in the gospel tent, which is always a fabulous scene. I've NEVER seen it so crowded here, and this is my 13th JazzFest. Bon Jovi was the big draw yesterday. He doesn't appeal much to me and Lori, but the two Donnas are totally into him and I have to admit he's an extremely good looking guy, so I did enjoy watching him. Lori and I left that stage early to catch the O Jays and then we wandered over to my favorite stage, Fais-Do-Do, where C.J. Chenier was playing some crazy zydeco. That's the stuff I love.

We'll be leaving soon for another music-filled day. Neil Young is playing on the main stage from 3-5, and you know I'll be there! I'll post lots of pictures when I get back on Tuesday.



Unknown said...

Have some fun for me. I can't wait to see some pictures.

Debra Lynn Shelton said...

Send Neil my love. He's the REAL son of God!

travel girl said...

Can't wait for pictures.

Sounds like total fun!

Bar L. said...

Am I really the first to comment? I feel honored. I can't wait for you to see Neil, its like me seeing Bruce, its just so perfect, an experience that can't be duplicated. I know you'll have a blast.

I'd have a hard time choosing between Jon BJ and the O'Jays but BJ would probably win out over OJ :)

I need to know what kind of bra you wear cause I need a new one and want my boobs to look like yours. Also - I have a boyfriend and I am dying to tell you about him so look for an email from me cause its not public into on my blog yet :)

Anonymous said...


Julie D said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Ah, beignets. Yummo. The 2nd best thing I ever put in my mouth.

Krissyface said...

Lady, I was so in Metairie yesterday, at the Comfort Inn Suites. I didnt go for Jazz Fest though, I went for a 20 hour booty call with my main squeeze. How funny though...hope you're havin a blast!