Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heading back to Albany... It's PARTY TIME!

This afternoon beloved boyfriend and I are catching a flight to Albany for Courtney and John's wedding party bash. If you're new to my blog, back in February, my precious daughter gave me a WHOLE WEEK'S notice that she was getting married. (And she wasn't even pregnant--go figure. So much for family traditions.) Everything worked out amazingly--you can read everything you could ever want to know about this neo-hippie child of mine, and her beautiful wedding, here.

Anyway, the wedding was an intimate occasion, but the big blowout is on Saturday in the tiny hamlet of Rensselaerville, which is out in the middle of nowhere, about 30 miles from Albany. (My downstate readers no doubt think that Albany is out in the middle of nowhere.) Both Courtney and John are singer-songwriters, and John is in a fabulous band called Red Haired Strangers (awesome freakin' band), so it's going to be a day of live music. My son, Christopher, who's also a songwriter, and the kids' dad, Chris, are sure to be part of the jam session as well.

It's going to be an informal event (duh). Check out the postcard invitations they sent out:

Cute, huh? Git off mah propertee er I'll shoot ewe up with this here shotgun!

I am psyched out of my mind! Lots of my old friends will be there and I can't wait for everyone to meet my man. I know they're going to love him--no worries there. And good thing, because if Courtney doesn't like someone, there's hell to pay. She may be all about peace and love, but I happen to know that she once peed in the shampoo bottle of a certain someone who rubbed her the wrong way. (Thank God my ex doesn't read this blog.)

Hey, I recently raided Court's Facebook photos. Here are a few of their honeymoon. They went to see John's parents on their sailboat in Florida.

Hard to believe such a pretty girl would pee in somebody's shampoo bottle, huh?

More adventures to come. Lots more...


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful free spirits they appear to be. Lovely! Have fun at the party.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Debra Lynn Shelton said...

Have fun at your beautiful baby girl's wedding bash! Life should be celebrated, so celebrate away! Best wishes to you and your family.;-)

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful couple. You can see the love! Have an amazing time:)

Julie D said...

That picture of her, the 2nd one from the bottom where it's a side view of her face with the ocean in the background....

Has to be you 20 years ago.

The apple didn't fall far from that tree, at least not in the looks department!

I hope you and M have a great time! Everyone will love him as much as I did!!!!!!

Wave as you fly over Ohio, k? Love you!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Thanks, gals! Julie, everyone says that Courtney and I look alike, but neither of us can see it. Plus, I'm just under 5'5" and she's 5'10"!

linda said...

For a brief moment I thought that was you in that old style photo! Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.

travel girl said...

I Love, love, LOVE the first pic of them together on the ocean. So natural and fabulous.

Have a great time.

Lilly said...

I agree she is so like her Mom. Well funny I am 5 9" and my daughter is 5 5", lol. No I dont believe she peed in the shampoo bottle at all. Love the photos and I cant wait to hear all about it. And they will love your new man, I am sure!!