Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mental movie talk

So Sunday night beloved boyfriend and I had a date to go to the movies and when he picked me up, I swear, I was like a friggin’ mental patient. You know how you try on 10 different outfits and nothing looks good because you’re too goddamn fat and your face looks weird and your hair looks shitty and you hate all your clothes and you just want to cry?

Yeah, that’s what he had to contend with when he arrived at my door. Poor guy. Let me remind you that I was doing all this primping so I could sit in a dark theater for two hours, where, even if I looked fantastic, no one would see me.

Remember this from a previous post?

Imagine that to the tenth power. Do you ever get crazy like that, or is it just me?

Anyway, we saw the new Woody Allen movie, Whatever Works, starring my hero, Larry David. L.D. basically plays himself—the same guy we see on Curb Your Enthusiasm—but OMG, what a great movie and I’m not just saying that because I love Jews. I thought it was hysterical and so well done. I highly recommend—two thumbs up, four stars.

The review in our local Las Vegas newspaper said that if you liked The Hangover, this movie is not for you, and all I can say is NO SHIT! Are Mike and I the only people on earth who thought The Hangover sucked? We actually walked out after about a half hour. Please, I am not above stupid humor—I think What About Bob? is the greatest movie of all time—but we found nothing funny about that piece of crap. Nothing. Yet it will gross at least 10 times more than the new Woody. See, that’s when I think I’m out of whack with the rest of the world. I’m still trying to figure out what people see in Julia Roberts.

Oh, they showed the preview for Ang Lee’s new movie, Taking Woodstock, which comes out next month. It was shot in upstate New York, and guess who worked a few days on the set last summer as an extra?

Yep, our Courtney. You can see why the casting director was psyched when she showed up at the casting call. Can't wait to see it.

How about you? Any movies you're looking forward to? What makes you feel you're out of whack with the rest of the world? And please, please tell me you thought The Hangover sucked, too.


Anonymous said...

Hum I didn't see The Hangover...yet, but most of my friends thought it was funny as shit. So now I'm scared!!!

As for movies I'm looking forward to. Any movie that is adult related and not XXX people. Any R movie will do. I have a 10 year old living with me and date night hasn't happened in forever (both of us have been out of town at different times) it seems and all of my movies are no more than PG related lately. UGH

You don't need to primp. You're beautiful just the way you are. But I get you. I see an orthodontist next week cause I'm finished with my teethers. Plus I have a stupied red scar from my skin cancer surgery about two years ago. I hate that little reminder, yet I still tan. Go figure.

The Peach Tart said...

I loved your photo with what you think are all your imperfections...with an upcoming birthday, I've been critically examining every inch of my body. I can totally relate. Why are we so hard on ourselves at this age? I think you look marvelous.

I've heard good things about the Woody Allen movie so will check it out.

What night are you available this week to chat?

Julie D said...

Geezus, we really are separated at birth. I went through this same thing the other day, it took me an hour to get dressed because I could not find a pair of shorts that looked right. All of mine have gotten too big, and the few I have that are a smaller size I haven't lost enough to get into yet. So I had every pair on and off trying to find a way that I didn't look fat in them. And all I was doing was going to a cookout among friends!!!!!

I haven't seen the Hangover yet. Being single I tend to miss most movies and catch them on DVD or Pay Per View in the privacy of my lonely little home. LOL

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ Danica: Yeah, even with skin cancer experience, I still tan, too, but I use SPF 50 on my face. There's nothing like a tan to make you feel 10 pounds thinner!

@ Peach: We're terribly hard on ourselves, no? So stupid.

@ Julie: No reason to stay home instead of going to a movie. When I first moved here, I spent so much time alone--movies are a great thing to do by yourself. Plus, you might meet someone interesting at the concession stand!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet anything your boyfriend Really did like Hangover, but just pretended not to in order to appease you (so he could get some, eh? Duh!)

Unknown said...

That's SO me! I'll be turning 46 in about 17 days and geez, I wish I could find the fountain of youth! LOL

Hurricane Mikey said...

*shaking my head*

I swear, Linda, I must be your polar opposite...

Bar L. said...

I have MISSED YOU so much! Thanks for keeping up with my blog, sorry I am just getting to yours. As always it made me laugh and smile.

- I can't say I disliked the Hangover because I never bothered to see it. But I WILL see the new Woody and Woodstock. Your girl is the perfect extra for it.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to point out the sagging boobs.

On the blogging front, you seem to be the blogger role model. Why down you give a lesson to 408down and Kri?


Vegas Linda Lou said...


The photo only shows so much--I'd love to point out my flabby gut, too. Kri and 408down have a lot on their plates these days. Plus, if I'm going to nag anyone, it will be Hurricane Mikey. He's my favorite.

Caz Wilson said...

I really liked The Hangover - I just liked the randomness of it all - appeals to my sense of humour totally.

But honey, I do think you're beating yourself up - some women would kill to have your looks! Besides, if they do bug you, remember some things are fixable (and am talking easy fixes not surgery here).

Flat limpless hair - how about a volumising deep conditioner?
Imperfect teeth - what about a whitening tooth paste?

Anyhoo, your sense of humour is worth more than any mirror reflection and is truly beautiful.

Lilly said...

Oh yes, you speak for everyone I am sure. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Well you just wanted to go out loking good because you love your man. Nothing wrong with that either. Movie sounds great!

I just got a skin cancer off the side of my nose too. yikes!

Tara said...

I'm only 30....Ok, 31 next week and since I've started seeing someone significantly younger than I am, I've started to notice wrinkles, the occasional gray hair, etc. and it's driving me nutty. I also look in the mirror and see fat, fat, fat, which I know I'm not.....I think they call that dysmorphic body disorder..Can't help it tho, I've always been this way. We're supposed to embrace what makes us different, but I just can't do it, lol.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, Tara, being with a younger guy surely plays with your insecurities. Also hot guys--Sunday night I was actually thinking, why does Mike have to be so damn good looking? No mystery that historically I've always been attracted to men with a few extra pounds!

And I know exactly what you mean about dysmorphic body disorder. The most F-ed up thing is, I actually think I'm pretty decent looking! Especially for my age--51. So what do I have to complain about?

Girls, we're way too hard on ourselves! I wish I could put this to an end, but I know it will start in again the next time I try on something that's getting too tight. And believe me, sitting in a cubicle all day and then spending so such time writing at home doesn't help. At all.

Not Always About Monkeys said...

You're gorgeous, Linda Lou, and don't let the crazy part of your head tell you any different.

Elle said...

I am having one of those hate the way I look days. Did you ever notice, if you look back at old photos of yourself, you actually looked pretty good (even though at the time you hated everything about your looks)?

Todd said...

"Oscar", remember that Stallone gangster comedy movie? I freaking loved it an -no one- else did. As for "The Hangover" I'll agree that it started out a little slow for a comedy but it was all in preparation for the second half and was well worth it but there's no shame in not liking a movie. Even if everyone else does. "Borat" can suck it. I don't care how great people tell me that movie was, we just have to disagree and we can even still be friends :-)

I have a standing policy (that sounds too high falutin' but I can't think of how to make it less...falutin') never to leave a movie before the end and it's served me well. I'm about 50/50 for movies that I'm glad I waited out and movies I should have just skipped out on to go get an ice cream.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Elle, funny you should say that. I do look at photos from about seven years ago when I was teaching 10 yoga classes a week and you're right, I was complaining about my weight back then, too.

Todd, I hate to admit it (especially to you), but I thought Borat was hysterical. Humor is so, so subjective. Which is why doing stand-up is so freakin' hard.

Tania said...

Have not seen The Hangover despite a million recommendations, and RAN to Whatever Works the weekend it opened despite no recommendations. Loved, loved, loved the new Woody movie!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Julia Roberts comment. What I see in her is nothing I'd want to see twice.

What About Bob was delightfully moronic, yes. The Naked Gun is my #3 all-time movie, and I loved Dumb n Dumber -- it was idiotic and I saw all the jokes pretty much from the horizon on in, but it was still funny.

Chris A