Saturday, July 4, 2009

Olfactory pleasure at the Stone Temple Pilots show

What? WHAT?

Sorry, I’m still having trouble hearing after Thursday night’s Stone Temple Pilots concert at the new Joint in the Hard Rock. My friend Joanna was nice enough to offer me a free ticket, and I certainly wasn’t going to pass it up—thank you, Joanna! The new venue is awesome—not a whole lot bigger than the old Joint, but much nicer and you don’t have to leave the place to use the bathrooms, which is a big improvement.

LA-based rockers Hurt played a good, solid opening set and I actually liked them better than the headliner. Unfortunately, turnout for Hurt was pretty sparse, but the crowd thickened by the time STP took the stage. And holy cow, did it ever reek in there! My days of tokin’ are long over, but I have to admit, I love the smell of reefer. As I stood there taking in that lovely aroma, a couple of funny thoughts passed through my brain, like how I once I spent an entire afternoon searching the Internet for hemp-scented perfume.

Of course, I was at work. Don’t tell anybody, but several years ago I had a technical writing contract job that was a bit of a joke in that I really didn’t have much to do. But you know how it is—if you tell anyone you don’t have much to do, they’ll find stuff for you and I can guarantee it’ll be the crap nobody else wants to work on, so it’s best to keep your mouth shut and just look busy. And so one day, after telling a girlfriend at lunch about how much I love the smell of ganja, I had a mission and spent the rest of the afternoon “busy” doing research. There’s no shortage of products out there.

Oh, wouldn’t it be hysterical to show up to work some morning smelling like dope? Imagine chairing a meeting at the top your game, explaining product specifications and marketing predictions, emanating the sweet scent of cannabis and then going, “Sorry, I need to take this” when your Grateful Dead ring tone goes off. Think of the possibilities: baby showers, dental appointments, job interviews, business networking events... You’d be perfectly straight and totally articulate; you’d just freakin' reek.

I’m bad, but you know what else I was thinking about during the show? The time my daughter, Courtney, came home from her first unchaperoned concert and announced, “That place smelled like Dad’s jewelry box.”

Happy Fourth of July! My BFF Lisa Gioia-Acres invited me to a VIP party tonight at the Santa Fe casino up in the northwest part of town. I'll have a full report on Tuesday...


Fragrant Liar said...

Hey, sounds like a fun time, even if STP didn't meet your expectations. Or did they? ;-)

You crack me up. Funny scenario about showing up reeking of reefer. I personally can't stand the smell of pot. Or Patchouli. Is that weird? Maybe I wasn't meant to belong to my generation after all. My jewelry box never smelled like pot, but my ex's sure did. ;-)

Julie D said...

I smelled pot just the other night. LOL I can't handle loud, loud, deafening bands though.

Happy 4th, darlin! Hope you're out making some fireworks of your own tonight!!!!

Unknown said...

I laughed at the visual of coming into the office reeking like dope. LOL But then again, there's tons of elderly people here that are toking on it. They just consider it for medical purposes, yeah right! LOL

Have fun at the VIP party!

travel girl said...

You make me laugh girlie!!

Have fun tonight!
I REALLY need to read your book so hurry up:)

AmyK said...

My husband and I went with friends (free tickets too) to an out door venue to see Tony Bennett. He's a living legend so I thought I "should". We only knew his one San Fran song, but did smell pot wafting through the air with all the blue hairs. I could not believe it. The biggest part of the crowd was 80.