Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tonight on Aging Nymphs: How Dirty Are You?

Get your mind out of the freakin’ gutter; I’m talkin’ germ-dirt, not smut-dirt.

When I was in college, a really, really nice male friend told me that any guy who says he doesn’t pee in the shower is a goddamn liar. I never actually believed him, but now a recent poll of 1000 women showed that 75 percent of them admitted to doing just that. Seriously???

This is the kind of crap my sister Lori Biker and I will be talking about tonight on our Internet radio show, Aging Nymphs. Our guest will be nurse practitioner Peggy Greenwood, who will tell us what will happen to the 24 percent of women who don’t wash up after using the restroom. Eew!

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I’m a bit germ phobic; I’d live in a bubble if I could… how about you?


AmyK said...

Until a few years ago, it never accurred to me that people did that at all. I learned this from an office poll. My husband was equally appalled. Another thing I found out from the office poll, was, we are the weird ones, because in 27 years of marriage, we have never - never used a bathroom, when the other one was in there. Never. It's not modesty.. it's the ick factor.

Tara said...

Lol, I wanna hear this one. Hopefully I can make it to stay up till 10:00 EST. The little one isn't on a very good sleep schedule right now. Funny you should mention "dirty" people. The HR girl at my work went to a seminar yesterday on swine flu and other workplace health concerns and came back with all sorts of downright disgusting stories. I was just about ill this morning when she was telling me about it.

Hurricane Mikey said...

Working in a casino, I swear I wish I had a dollar for every time I saw somebody *not* wash their hands while coming out of the restroom.

When I'm in my streetclothes, I *always* call them out with "Wash your goddam hands, you nasty f*ck!"

Shame works wonders.

Stephanie said...

Ewww, just ewww!
(that's why they tell you never to eat the free nuts at the bar..they are all covered in pee)

raydenzel1 said...

Just when I thought I had to explain it happened because of a few beers..oh that dirty.
Many a time I have seen guys walk out with out washing. Pretty nasty stuff. If only the door would not open until your hands were clean. Some guys would still be in there.

linda said...

I wash my hands always after a toilet visit - soap and water. I never touch handles on public toilets with bare hands. I pull the sleeve of my jumper over them. Don't worry about what is on the toilet seat, it is what is on the door handles that is where the real action is.

I also push the flush button with my foot. Plus I NEVER touch food left out as a sample in a deli or cake shop. Gross.

Eating out is a difficult thing for me. I have seen the kitchens in many restaurants. Not nice at all. Germs, dirt, stinky t-towels and grubby cooks. Vomit.