Saturday, October 10, 2009

Books are in and they even got Hurricane Mikey’s seal of approval

Okay, first let me say that this blog is not gonna be “My book, my book, my book” forever. I’m going to try to keep the book talk out of my regularly scheduled Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday posts and put up additional posts as needed about Bastard Husband: A Love Story-now-available-order-yours-before-10/15-and-I’ll-pick-up-the-shipping. But for today, bear with me—this is all new and exciting. Well, to me.

Last night I met Vegas blogger extraordinaire Hurricane Mikey at the Ovation lounge in Green Valley Ranch. I had to give him his copy of my book and thank him again for his blurb of endorsement, and man, was I relieved to see him look so impressed with my creation. Those of you who’ve met Mikey know he’s a straight shooter, and if something sucks, he’ll tell you. But “he likes it—hey, Mikey!” (For the youngsters, that’s a reference to a 1970s cereal commercial.)

Mikey’s an avid reader, so his seal of approval means a lot. Of course, I had to point out the imperfections I see, like how some page numbers are a sixteenth of an inch higher or lower than others.

“Is that unacceptable?” I asked. “Should I send them back or am I just being neurotic?”

Mikey rolled his eyes like “duh, you’re always neurotic” and told me it was nothing to worry about. But I still will.

Always looking for imperfections. That is so not good. I try not to project that onto other people and I think I do a pretty good job of limiting the search for flaws to myself. Like I can look in the mirror and identify 10 things that are wrong and no matter how many times people say, “No, Linda, one eye is not bigger than the other,” I never truly believe them.

You will never be happy. I forget which boyfriend or husband told me that. Maybe it was all of them.

I’m not sure a glossy finish on a black book cover was a good idea. It really shows fingerprints.

Okay, I’ll stop.

But you know what? Yes, there are some aspects of the printed book that I’m not 100 percent happy with and I’m probably being a little too picky, but I can say with 100 percent certainty that the story inside is well crafted. It’s well written and well structured and it’s funny and sad and just plain well done. Yep, that I can say.

And you know what else? Even with the imperfections, I actually think I’m pretty decent looking. And maybe if I sell enough books, I can do something about that sagging jaw line.

Did I tell you the shipping's on me until 10/15?

I love you guys. Really.


Caz Wilson said...

So Linda, when's the book launch party? You HAVE to have something to celebrate it's launch!! It's wrong not to!


Rochelle said...

Can't wait to get my copy! (I'll wear gloves when reading so as not to get fingerprints on it!). Yayyyy!!!

Hoopswife said...

Can't wait to get my copy!!

Everyday Goddess said...

I'm really happy for you!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Books are in the mail, kids! And I'll be announcing the release party very soon. Yay!

Malu Silverman said...


Mike Dennis said...

What sagging jaw line???

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, man--I see the beginning of jowls. Big time.

TetonGirl said...

I know Mikey! He's the one that died after drinking soda and pop rocks, right? ;]

Can't wait to read the book!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Jeez, Teton Girl. I forgot all about Mikey's "demise." I'm surprised you'd know about that, you young chickie, you.

dle1004 said...

Cannot wait for my copy!!!! Congrats...too bad I live far away I would come to a launch party

Julie D said...

Where is mine????? If I'd known we were having an endorsers meeting at Green Valley my ass woulda been on a plane this weekend!!!!!

Can. Not. Wait. Much. Longer.

Do you have any idea how awful acrylic nails taste when you bite them off in nervous anticipation???

Ekanthapadhikan said...


TetonGirl said...

It's all thanks to those I Love The 80s/90s specials that VH1 plays over and over.

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

What is it with guys (you a boyfriend or husband)/me (my father-in-law) saying we will never be happy? We are just always looking for the best - right?

Congratulations on the book in hand - now stop whining and enjoy this moment!

Other Mikey's Julie said...

Linda I am so excited - I just ordered my very own BH book! I can't wait! If you have a book signing in Boise I will just have to have mine signed twice. Congrats Linda!!

Stephanie said...

SO incredibly exciting!!