Thursday, June 10, 2010

More crazy videos from our road trip

Remember how on our cross-country trip my sister Lori and I pulled over at highway weigh stations and asked truckers to step on my bathroom scales? Here's a short video.

Anything for a laugh, right?

Before we left my boyfriend, Mike, gave me a GPS. At first I was like, "Great, one more friggin' piece of technology to swear at," but it actually came in handy several times. However, we also took along a 4' x 6' map of the United States so we could pull it out at opportune times just for yuks.

So here's Lori getting some help from the guys at the Oasis Lounge biker bar in Ash Fork, Arizona, with our giant map spread over the pool table. The funniest part is, they don't seem to find the size of the map at all odd! And doesn't everyone measure distance with a yardstick? Not to mention, check out my sister's bust--it's better than Helen Keller's. (Read this post to get the reference.)

We're a couple of nuts. I guess you already knew that.


Emmas_Gold said...

So, this video proves that size doesn't matter? Hee hee! Great videos, by the way. I'll soon be Lori's neighbor and I love hearing stories about your road trip. I'm looking forward to more stories and videos!

Stephanie said...

Bwhaaha This is too funny! I'll be he thought about you too alot when he got back on the road:)

Todd said...

Hahahah! You crack me up. This has reality show written all over it. Except that it wouldn't suck.

KriMonster said...

The gigantic map and yard stick...hilarious! I love you guys!