Saturday, October 30, 2010

Road Trip 2010, the Return: Day One

It's Saturday night and I'm writing from Columbus, Ohio, birthplace of my celebrity girl-crush, Beverly d'Angelo.  Surprisingly, I see no mention of a museum or shrine to her in my AAA tour book.  Go figure.

The day started out pretty uneventful; if you've ever travelled the New York State Thruway, you know exactly what I mean.  I got excited when I saw a sign for a rest stop with a Sbarro's outside of Syracuse--Sbarro's is my favorite fast food.  Mom found a penny in the bathroom--face up--so we figured we were in for some good luck, but alas, the Sbarro's was under construction.  Dammit.

Then Lori had the brilliant idea to stop at Dinosaur BBQ in downtown Syracuse.  If you've ever eaten at the Dinosaur, you know that the food is yum.  This was Mom's first visit and we all marvelled at the fact that we were able to drag her to a biker bar after only about two hours on the road.

We struck up a conversation with this cute Irish man sitting in the booth behind us who gave us cards with smiley faces. 

Once our food came, we were more into stuffing our faces than talking.  We did, however, come up for air long enough to say good-bye when our new friend got up to leave.  Delicious!

After chowing down, we got out our wallets, but instead of placing a check on our table, our waitress said it was taken care of.  "Mr. Coffey got it.  He does that now and then." 

That sneaky boy slipped out of there before we could thank him, so I'll do it now.  THANK YOU, Mr. Coffey!  What a wonderful and unexpected surprise.  Good thing Sbarro's was closed--that lucky penny really was a sign.

We got back on the Thruway and stopped at the next rest stop for coffee and snacks and then stopped at the rest stop after that to pee.  Yes, count 'em--three rest stops so far.  But we forgot one thing.

Can you believe it??? 

Tomorrow we're heading south into Kentucky, to a place I've always wanted to visit.  Stay tuned!


Caz Wilson said...

OMG that is HILARIOUS! You 2 are a hoot, that is so the sort of thing I would do!

Can't wait to hear more about the road trip!


raydenzel1 said...

And you are sure no beer was involved?

Julie D said...

Can't believe I missed you. You are 15 minutes away at best. NO FAIR.


Guess I need to come to Vegas again, eh?

Travel safe....

Anonymous said...

I think Lor,Liz and myself need to take a road trip to Nevada--- except we migh try flying- We can always rent a car out there. We are going to go to Colorado next summer ( our plan now) - Will keep in touch about this. Nancy VB

Laurie NZ said...

I'm sooo loving your awesome adventure blog so far! Living in New Zealand, I miss all the very "American-ness" of road trips. You drive 4 hours and you're already across the country ;-)! Love y'all and God bless, Cousin Laurie

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the last time you run out of gas, but it sounds like your trip is off to a great start.

Tara said...

Umm, I'm with Julie, why the heck didn't I know you were in town??? I coulda shown you an awesome time at the hood Halloween party!!!